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  1. Lawl... they're a rare thats why they cost alot. If they didnt cost alot they wouldn't be rare.
  2. I actually found this game on our clan site from "furios jade" so credits to her and whoever started on rs forums using actions in *s you must try and steal the persons phat so i will start *finds zezima and koes her with a 99 in wild grabs her blue phat and runs to the dueling arena* can you grab my phat?
  3. uhh im comfused what does this do? stop them fishing?
  4. doesnt look very good qualty and i dont think colours match sorry 6/10
  5. love it all the background mixes well with the font and colours blend well 9/10 8)
  6. ...... i have 1mil atm kmerched like mad so go away and stop lying... btw hes ur rl mate and he wont buy it cuz ull just give back...
  7. ... dont be stupid i hate setups plx... :roll: :roll: :roll:
  8. add "x plode x" on rs i might think about buying it if its quite a low price
  9. rsn i might think about buying it just to make u happy 8)
  10. wow tats gonna take along time buddy mining irons quicker :shock:
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