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  1. and like, i started in 05... or 04? i dunno eitherway. Its been a few moments of time lost in the gaps of reality. anyway, yeah i no longer play to do skills really, i just play to DO things. like i used to play castle wars alot. I feel things game is meant to be enjoyed a bit more then what i once played like
  2. you sir, have always made posts that some seemed to consider "extreme" or something of that manner. I find this post to be a refreshing look on things, yet somewhat agree with you. It maybe obsolete, but its not so far gone that i feel that is the appropriate term for it.
  3. i find that very unlikely. Tbh, its just the newness wearing off. Just like shades of morton. a small portion will always actively play...
  4. i dont read the dialogue, yet like doing most quests.
  5. id like to see some more stuff, especially like construction
  6. This. And if you're ever stuck on a puzzle (like you can't get the last 2 pieces to switch), it's handy to be able to log out and start over. basically, what was said cant be unsaid.
  7. personally, spirit shields were a good attempt, but they seem to be ineffective in the grand scheme. just too pricey
  8. this is probably the only time ive actually thought qeltar was "correct" I would assume its because he has kids if i am not mistaken. Not to mention, his real point was. He broke a rule, but people shouldn't laugh at him.
  9. pure magic is still over powered if your not prepared.
  10. new spell book? also, magic is over powered if your not prepared for it. for example, pray magic/melee is two different things and honestly you get more protection from pray melee then you do the magic.
  11. Of course there is absolutely no reason to believe this, you just made it up to justify your unconscionable position. :roll: At this point in RS history there's really no excuse for not knowing that RWT is against the rules and will get you banned. If he was an 11 year old RWT who got banned would you still defend him? The fact that he got hacked is just icing on the irony cake. He was a RWT and either he gets banned and loses his 140 or he gets hacked and loses his 140. Or he doesn't get banned or hacked and there's another RWT'r traipsing about without any consequences, probably leading him to RWT again. This outcome is the most karmic possible. Not only did he lose his misbegotten goods, a hacker also got banned out of this. If he weren't hacked, he would have been banned and then that hacking site would still be up, probably getting someone else much less deserving before its discovery hands down, he said him self "played for years" uh, thats not one year, its at least two, provided it was not an exageration. so he should be aware of the wilderness removal and details of such. also, as qeltar said, grow a soul? im sorry, i feel bad for people who have food stamps who honestly deserve them, im not going to feel bad for the people who come in and buy food with food stamps and sells the food out of their garage. Infact, those kind of people slightly anger me.
  12. Any chance in getting that pic to jagex and getting those accounts banned for RWT? I have no idea how, because they don't accept links :/ If this were RWT, then it would have been Hellslayer H killing Bird Flu J00. In this screenie I think we just see Little Timmeh being stupid in BH and loosing all the stuff he RWT, or we're seeing the hackers on Little Timmehs account doing the transfer. technically, it could just be a screen shot of a guy getting a kill and taking the pic and over "hearing" the conversation. However after noticing it was a decent amount of items it probably is timmy's stuff that was being transferred.
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