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  1. I love you!!! 10\10 yay!~!#@$$^%^ first 2 99's ! now get some real ones! jk
  2. With slayer, you get to kill about every monster, and getting diverse drops, its never the same for ne1, And coolest cape!!! GEt to max ur melees\range\mage with, plus i profited from getting 99, so there ya go 99 slayer = win
  3. kill2pleasure


    i woudl say you cannot link sex to religion... cause no matter who you are sex is sex, it can be viewed as many different ways n involve feeling or no, but sex is sex,
  4. Images removed~ No topless images allowed, and why link to swiftkit? ~Rainy_Day also heres me at work... i work for park roseville commons, take car of them old ppl haha, wel ltheir food atleast haha they are not my best, i wasn't really my best looking as i could be, but they not bad... haha i'll get some more soon :P
  5. kill2pleasure


    You'll never stop a hormonal Teenager from holding back urges, also i have noticed that in sex ed kids are usually paying alot of attention and actually passing the section\class with flying colors. Plus alot of kids{not me} seem to giggle if ur teacher say words like penis, vagina, sperm, semen etc... Its a fun class with alot of useful information, Plus most these sex ed classes teach abstinence. But the teachers , atleast in my area, know that alot of girls n guys at my school love to engage in Sex. its fun, satisfying, and relieves stress n such, also alot of teen feel its the way to express their "Love" for eachother [Me being guilty... :oops:] so it would be foolish to teach only abstinence ... Cause Teens aren't gunna stop... and alot of then dnt have this knowledge of STDs ( STIs) or actual conception.. once a teen has even a taste of how it feels, they are not going to stop. Honestly, they should teach practices like masturbation, (cause thats actually a way to keep 100% free from disease and early parenthood.) or oral sex n for those deviates... Anal sex.. ( kinda risky as it can still reach the vaginal canal for an amateur . those are my views :D and yes metoo, they should give out free condoms in nurses offices... Better than having 100 pregnant girl in like 95 uncaring fathers...
  6. Gj metoo, #1 Ma Ftw? forget 200m str wtf? noob haha get #1 mobilising armies!
  7. i have never power trained until 98, i strung almost 10k symbols in ~8 hours haha this is my 7th cape, not a lot of money but Wat should i do next? rate plz =]
  8. Mhmm, i see nothing wrong with 26k tbh :D theres enough ways money comes out of the economy... So thigns wil be alright, + this gives ppl who work for raw materials a chance again to boost their cashpile, YES I 26K... and i bolt i make alot of money doing this and since things are rising, maybe mhing will be worth it again, and i'll stops 26king and go back to that. Cause monster hunting was crap there for awhile... n btw, my sigs was taken awhile back... so dnt use that against me.
  9. Fill in jan 26th! :D also the day slayer caem out =]] my 15th birthday, wat a day haha :D ( 17 now :P )
  10. Ppl who are mean to other ppl online make me laugh haha.... This is a game n it should be played for fun, not to be the best or the richest and step on other people. Im glad there are possitive experiences in this game, when i first started playing everyone was so nice, but now and then i meet a few ppl who are mad at life so act e-hard. Its funny, yet sad :shame:
  11. A mistake done by Jagex by making drop rates of some PvP items does not mean you have found the best way to make cash. :| Best way is Runecrafting. Personally i did not realize these PvP artifacts would have such big impact on economy of Runescape. But now i have realized it's really "CHEAP" i refuse to do it. This kind of behaviour towards earning GP easy way is considered same thing as cheating if you ask me. What's difference between players who bot and those who don't? Boters don't give a [bleep] and have no meaning to what they are doing where as players who don't bot they have a challenge ahead of them and work hard for it. Making the result of their hard work mean something. Best way to make money yoy say? 1) Assemble a good team with friends and go GWD 2) Level your Runecrafting to 91 and earn cash (That's what a friend of mine is doing!) 3) Do Slayer and Treasure trails 4) Do Herb farming There is tons way to earn good cash. As for "Inflation", you have no idea what your talking about. I don't consider myself smart, and even i can see that many items price have increased. If there is not a inflation now, it most likely will happene. Even a friend of mine whos going for 99 Prayer is having trouble buying Dragon bones, guess what? That started when Artifacts were released! Decent players who work for their GP have worked for it. You have a choice, do "CHEAP" cash which means nothing or..work for the GP. i've resorted to cheap money making due ot going solo dags can't even get a drop over 2m, barrows is not very profitable, theres item less than 100k GWD is full of massers n ls, + solo sara isn't nearly as efficient as it used to be d chains are under 5m Merchanting is killed due to the limit, and you never know with the Ge too unstable to merch in Yet getting 99's are just as expensive ( for the most part ) Hopefully prices go back up so mhing becomes worthy, although it is fun, gotta have money for the most part to do it ( gone on over 1k trips, only have yielded 2 hilts.. ) I think these artifacts help the game, cause Gp is constantly burn + replenished into the ecomony daily, I bet nothin will happen, n the ppl who like it will keep doing it, and the people who dnt like it will eventually try it :D i've been around for about 6 years, n all i have seen is this game get easier n easier, So also this kind of update doesn't surprise me. N jagex doesn't mind 26king. So doubt it'll get nurfed, they may change the way u get Ep, but thats it. I do not see how tho... ppl always find ways around it. Basically it boils down to this. If u like it keep doing it, if you don't Pj all 26kers n be on ur way, collect the loot in the process :D
  12. There are enough ways the money is taken out of the game, I see nothing wrong, fm, summon, con all take money out, pvp armor\weps do as well, i haven't seen any inflation, and either way ppl were doing this to make money, when prices go back up they be back to mhing instead of 26king. Face it is their any other good ways to make a large sum of cash fast? No, And every single one of us look for the best way... ;)
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