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  1. Yes, you are the world's worst forum poster for not posting somehting for me to world's worst about. World's worst hat
  2. You get a tin of Hormel's Spiced Ham. *presses the pretty shiny button*
  3. Because your hands fell off Why did noone miss me when I was gone?
  4. I love you because you still have your cute avvy
  5. Correct, you haven't posted for 2 days. I am a newcomer to Forum Games
  6. The TIF birthdays thread! The idea of this thread is to compile a list of TIF members birthdays - and we're also trying to crack all 366 days, if we can... We already have a few hundred results in from the old thread, but due to the original creator no longer being active, it was decided to re-create this alltogether. To submit your birthday, if we don't already have it, just post the date - the year is not required, and will not be put in even if you give it (so no boasting about being the oldest here :D) Without further ado, the list: [hide=January]1st January:haha13254, Jikkar, InfiniteLove 2nd January:thehate, sirkidey 3rd January:NJE03 4th January:honeo 5th January:python90nl 6th January:Nanoha_Takamachi, LifeAndDeath 7th January:Dracion1 8th January:CubeMage128, silver24-7 9th January:caribbeangirl, Powman3 10th January: 11th January: 12th January:Warthog455 13th January:urbestfreind 14th January:Abelmisi, wild_goat_14 15th January: 16th January:ndn3master, egg_luvuh, Mirrorforced 17th January:Quoi_Tu, zerologo 18th January: 19th January:captindeath, dux 20th January:amitoz 21st January:scoobytrev 22nd January:The_Bacon_Man, nathansbf, spinster444 23rd January:Chrisberry4, D_V_Devnull,GODofbaseball 24th January:freak210, Leikjanet10 25th January: dinoboy100 26th January:kill2pleasure 27th January:britonlongbow, stickythetwigman, Skull_Emblem 28th January:Soothsayer, Kingjoe, buzz_knight, tripsis 29th January:SupportMage, Tbfgraphx14 30th January:Death45 31st January:Killerred005[/hide][hide=February]1st February:stillakid 2nd February: 3rd February:cowman_133, DarkX99 4th February:OhSnapItsAdrian 5th February:WhiteHorn, dave0293, Mstrgmr 6th February:LilDefenders 7th February:pantim 8th February:slickmovedud, Ollyc3, woopidoo2 9th February:IceBlue, Numer0_un0 10th February:look_its_rob 11th February:Infernosage4,returnofmic,WoodenFruit 12th February:sanno7,roccodog25,Gandorf61 13th February: 14th February:r0ckyk34n3, Surfbum0214 15th February:ShadowClawe 16th February:Leonn 17th February:QueenValerie, Cathyndrie 18th February:beniscool218, rushrock 19th February:runescapeloser22, rook_2222 20th February:JimmyX34 21st February: 22nd February:jwrm22, onuasdad,Goonstaff,Magicmanmax, Haloscott3,jusaplaya 23rd February:hawkxs 24th February:joepie8899 25th February: 26th February:RpgGamer, Alan_1134, yaff2 27th February: 28th February: 29th February:leapfrog, nice_guy221[/hide][hide=March]1st March: 2nd March:halo2proman 3rd March: 4th March:subtle_rune 5th March:TKAMB, frogmann2 6th March:jimmyw3000 7th March:DarkDragons, lee030792, sephiroth_king 8th March:olenik2 9th March: 10th March:infam0us911 11th March: 12th March:bewareitsandrew 13th March:fat_slug, Ezlo_Minish, walwave1 14th March:25leaf, trunksrs, N3t_Frm 15th March: 16th March: 17th March:Darkpoop0 18th March:Freesia, st_shir, Mike_Ike111 19th March:cravey, dsavi_x4, Th3_Crusader 20th March:noname713, sebbeberg 21st March:guthix121 22nd March:g_u_t_h_i_x 23rd March:darmdraaier 24th March: 25th March:Ddraiggoch06 26th March:Hobgoblinpie 27th March:flavaflav, howbadisbad 28th March: abbydog95 29th March:YokimokoYamahato, sheepdean, Pinkbullet3 30th March: 31st March:[/hide][hide=April]1st April:Mamong, RSgamer 2nd April: 3rd April:acdcfantony, Warriormonkx 4th April:puppie, ThruItAll, Agent1777, PastyGangsta 5th April: 6th April: 7th April: 8th April: 9th April:benisfab 10th April:yoda9931, Guthan312 11th April:misterdeathbringer 12th April:Warrager 13th April:MoeSzyslak 14th April: 15th April:blink182rocker, Guthix_Girl, skull2109 16th April:thomaswarne 17th April:jondea0, pryomancer, hit_u_ranger 18th April: 19th April: 20th April:dragonrule5, jokerdog2012, 3rkid 21st April:bloody_scife 22nd April:Mage_Man0103 23rd April: 24th April:Ultrablobman, Napalm_Death 25th April:storm_chip 26th April:Cyco_Reborn 27th April:blue_[bleep]y_anima, Kcdragon8116, Veyron27, Harryhit4 28th April:Darksideus4, zwyrm 29th April:TheMather1 30th April:[/hide][hide=May]1st May:Echofish 2nd May: 3rd May:paaaaaaaasta,Kirderf123 4th May: 5th May:spooferfish, Aresgodowar, dracomanm,Medead0 6th May: 7th May:conqueror19, ugafan_2009 8th May:junka666, Hoveroad 9th May:Bad911 10th May:Big_Stingman, metugo1,Rien_Adelric,WWWWW 11th May:crosshair2, darkstar4441, theknuckster 12th May:dejelle0 13th May:ileikmudkipz 14th May:Dalcyte 15th May: 16th May:hiimben 17th May:Duminasion 18th May:stuperkid, Wingy77 19th May: 20th May:cphperson, Kriegsmier, Gehackte 21st May:ortiz9471, runemetsa 22nd May:joris_n 23rd May: 24th May:wachtwoord 25th May:daxter76, Errdoth 26th May:mlbfan13 27th May: 28th May:kiddy08, riku3220, Kaiser1993 29th May:littleboy 30th May: 31st May:barbwireboy3, kalphiteman4[/hide][hide=June]1st June:Recksash, darkforaster 2nd June:llamster, Ouchy_S 3rd June: 4th June:n_odie 5th June:lukabo969 6th June:eckythump0 7th June:Today, x133tskillx 8th June:mememe513, plugpoint92 9th June:Silentsurf, Elessar3019, ultimania92 10th June:gago, TheMinerGuy 11th June: 12th June:HatSlick, Cleopatra 13th June:olliedoom, Sparx 14th June:cheeseater 15th June:Codguy, LiChef, Moosecow1 16th June:Forerunner, joke33 17th June: 18th June: 19th June: 20th June: 21st June:Albel_8492ed 22nd June:gahh 23rd June:purfishx 24th June: 25th June:chase_cool7, Ugozima 26th June:JtotheP 27th June: 28th June:baron8000,Danqazmlp 29th June:limpbizkit 30th June:[/hide][hide=July]1st July:DRUMINATOR17 2nd July: 3rd July:danfstu 4th July:tewas 5th July:Asellus5 6th July:redhaloguy, MelosWoodlanders 7th July:malo2 8th July: 9th July:photographyplox 10th July:lalala7324 11th July:Bluejayfan94, luker2d2,DutchPlease 12th July:colossus110, Von_Goon, pikachu54673, Ilufyou 13th July:harryp0tt3rules 14th July:Rainy_Day, flodder450, Siobhana 15th July:bluedeil 16th July:linkrox4040, Fluffyzoe64, rsautohater 17th July:Jmz91 18th July: 19th July:Esper_Jones, Ashlyn_Hart, bob5946 20th July:lemeja123, bonzeben23 21st July:ratchet573 22nd July:JackaFord 23rd July:zaquierming 24th July:joke_slayer, sublimer1990 25th July:ganon95 26th July:brunokiller 27th July:baalboy5, Striker6 28th July:tryto, Juhniz 29th July:life_mage12, Angelus130, Great_one 30th July:star_in_the_sky, NinjaChicken, Runescape_Wanderer 31st July:Magicplayak[/hide][hide=August]1st August:PURESMITHER, Intriguing 2nd August:angel50, shivers21 3rd August: 4th August: 5th August:abyssal_whip 6th August:Latinoking, The_Maddest, hbk_hossack 7th August: 8th August:InsanityV2 9th August: 10th August:dragoonson, agreatmonk 11th August:Stilev, zazacon, Lightshayde 12th August:heartless619 13th August:shadedragon 14th August:lavaownz,godofjoy 15th August:Abyssalwhip, Warrior_B666, bluehooloovo 16th August:RayOxide, Enipeus,TheLeonardo 17th August:Geordiequeen 18th August: 19th August:BloodWarrior6 20th August: 21st August:Ss_J9_Goten 22nd August: 23rd August:Alles99, [bleep]egamer, haz280 24th August: 25th August:Jaxonin1 26th August:tintdawg 27th August:Pkmastachaos, Angelsbane 28th August:andybrann, StuntLandia 29th August: 30th August: 31st August:PSPunk, Lil_Atza[/hide][hide=September]1st September: 2nd September: 3rd September:El_Snubbe 4th September:sirhc, Gremmy 5th September:Potter_Pkr 6th September:halo2_rocks7 7th September:Jaziek 8th September:jemathonical 9th September:rileycore 10th September:WeirdAl_fan 11th September:tazo6114 12th September:mr_dude160 13th September:dude_of_war4, Ltangel 14th September:Kaphias 15th September:abdussattar 16th Septemberskreeran1, bini, superson 17th September:whiteboy1102, jedidude77 18th September:kiddioo 19th September: 20th September:Leonard12440, famfrit007,Da_Latios 21st September:Natasa777, legless122, juiceman77, Yomyth105 22nd September:Fierley 23rd September:wolfmon56 24th September: 25th September: 26th September: 27th September:Joes_So_Cool, snipersas,koolkat58 28th September: 29th September:badpker4lyfe, jgrazotis, Lenin64, biscithead 30th September:minirouge13, Marceno[/hide][hide=October]1st October:cleanleper, evil_mumm_ra 2nd October:Peterpan538 3rd October:Avid43,dfchester 4th October:st3v3o,tard53 5th October: 6th October: 7th October:Bard_Bow_Man, boris5000 8th October:meol, sharmaiagirl, assassin_696 9th October:ssjshadi, Fedorca99,Cecemel99 10th October:KingKnight1, magician_xy, Noobs4life2 11th October:Mc90123, re4p3r1, silasinth 12th October: 13th October:unorclan, da_5k83r8o1 14th October:lunapasa 15th October: 16th October: 17th October: 18th October:stamol, istolethepie 19th October:mdeoxys 20th October:deathlord552, deathdrow 21st October:Maleficus1055 22nd October:soshalea 23rd October: 24th October: 25th October:pwninator 26th October:cardovilian 27th October:Skatepank, decebal, zoomkey 28th October:trecool9897, Wereta 29th October:cowmaster187 30th October:tessa6014, El_Mexican 31st October:atestarossa,abc1230[/hide][hide=November]1st November:vilageidiotx 2nd November:cocacolabottle, run4runes, warren211 , Beethovens29 3rd November:tzone92, atronic92, tinyslam90 4th November:Wongtong 5th November:Yeni 6th November:Gazzy 7th November:eggzs 8th November: 9th November:Kill_Life 10th November:Trahybyen 11th November:Tiigon 12th November:speedy1135 13th November: VjuliusT 14th November:allan1114 15th November: 16th November:xlippsx 17th November: 18th November:pitace83 19th November:lit0ua, desel4 20th November:walkingdeat4 21st November:mikehild 22nd November:buddyboy1122 23rd November:wizzkid785 24th November:[bleep]erkid 25th November: 26th November:TheBlazikenMaster, Juader, Shazarabbit, Free_Steel1 27th November:Hummerboy 28th November:balralf 29th November:Oh_Game_Over, thesmallone29 30th November:zsandmann[/hide][hide=December]1st December:turbosnail1 2nd December:wizjany 3rd December:chicodallasman,pirate_felix 4th December:stevepole 5th December:zlcoolboy 6th December:Evil_Ruler7, DOOMY, Death7755 7th December:teh_langzor, EzThePker 8th December:unkn0wnwarrior 9th December:TheTrueNoob, y_guy_4_life,wcingisgood 10th December:calum12, froggy3001 11th December:doremi40, psvstef 12th December:acenator, zeddude 13th December:o_Qp, TheRabidBaby, Danno385, slayershunt 14th December: 15th December:Darkluniux 16th December:dtrish, powerent 17th December:Zierro 18th December:Zzzuperman, Thrallster 19th December: 20th December:greene8535 21st December:Chris_Chris_Chris, 4be2jue 22nd December: 23rd December:Returned3, Runeman231, gongusan 24th December: flying_death_bombs55 25th December: 26th December:ladycai 27th December:Blue_Eggz 28th December: 29th December:Angat14, Seer 30th December:Beamo26, I_Am_Isyou11 31st December:dragon312, blacksimon,opeious, tippyc[/hide] Big thanks to wild_goat_14 for the original list and QueenValerie for helping this to be made
  7. Phrases: Rubber = Eraser, not condom. Pants = underwear, not trousers MRSA is pronounced letter by letter. Depending on the nearest hospital, that may be useful :-w There's no general cultural trend across the whole of the UK, it would really depend on where you go for what differs - just remember most Brits aren't as keen on guns as you...
  8. Wrong, I will :P TPUM has an MSN and a YIM account
  9. Ooh a newbie! Welcome 00Shalafii00! And I'm awesome for being nice to newbies.
  10. Of course not, we already know what you would say
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