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  1. Ok everyone think back to your early days on Runescape. What was the most bonehead thing you ever did? I don't remember why but I had to find bear meat for a quest or something, but I wasn't really paying attention the text. I thought I was looking for BOAR meat, which doesn't exist (in Runescape). So like a fool I went looking for boar... I ran all over the game, searched on all the help sites, and then began begging "anyone know where I can find boar meat?" For like 2 days, before someone at the East Varrock Mine told me to wait there while he killed a bear and gave me the meat. I felt soooo silly, I thanked him and luckily my knight in shining armor just said your welcome and retuned to mining. This is just one of my many bonehead moments, I'll post more as I think of them.
  2. I'm getting so fed up with people being to lazy to help themselves. today i had a low-mid level player running around asking where the crafting guild was. ITS NOT EXACTLY A SECRET its on the in-game map ( but i gave them directions anyway...they said they just wanted to follow me there and could they also have 24k!! :o ). Now I dont mind when people ask questions I'm usually happy to help, but after awhile you start to see the same goofballs running around clueless all the time whinning "what lvl do i need for this?" , "where do I go to find that?" ,"how do I do ---- quest?" what do they want, I cant reach through the screen and play the game for them. Just take a second open another search window and just type "runescape guide", the top four links will tell you everything you need to know, without "spoiling the game". when I first started play RS I read everything I could find about the game so I wouldn't look like a donkey's rear.
  3. yeah lag bites. sorry #-o
  4. hmmm, tricky topic. As an rule I hate censorship, but in the MASSIVE game setting... I dont want people to stop playing because they feel uncomfortable by the language being used, and as tough as I am, I'm sure certain vulgar conversations could make me blush :oops: and think twice about continuing to play RS. It would be great to let everyone say what ever they wanted but the privledge would be abused. could you imagine the types of conversations that would happen??? so until everyone can act like responsible, well-behaved and considerate adults...censorship is here to stay :thumbdown:
  5. i always read the rants first, but after a few they start to get me down, so I thought i'd start a topic of positive things that happen in the game: someone helps you on a quest, shares a mining/training site without being a jerk or someone just stands out as a good sport on PvP. What made me think of this: I was mining in the West Lumbridge Swamp location just killing time picking up a some mith ore and coal, when people start showing up. Experience tells me to leave now, cause usally the situation turns negative. but everyone was SO friendly and supportive, we all vied for the same ores but there were no hard feelings about the outcome. the conversation was even pleasant :D It doesn't really seem like a big deal, but little things like this restore my faith in the game and the other gamers.
  6. wow this is totally off the RS topic. I'm sorry if i'm writing something thats all ready been said in previous posts...there are a lot of them. I'm heterosexual and I just want everyone to be able to find the same kind of true love that I can have and not be judged for it. I am sorely disappointed in anyone who would speak out against someones right to pursue happiness. homosexuality does hurt anyone any more that heterosexuality does. and don't even start that religious crap about it being wrong, cause if you were to follow everything ELSE the bible says, the world would be so messed up even right-wing conservatives couldn't stand it. everyone deserves to be loved for who they are, live their lives openly and honestly and be free from judgement and hate PERIOD. and those who object to homosexuality, can just close their eyes the same why they have closed their minds and hearts and just leave everyone else alone to live their own lives with their own values.
  7. similar thing happened to me a few weeks ago, someone starts following me around speaking goodness knows what language. I explain that I only speak English but they continue to follow me around, i'm a very tolerant person so i dont change worlds, then i ask a general question along the lines of: "does anyone recognize what "insert player name here" is saying", and wouldn't you know the kid starts cursing me in english well every variation of cursing that runescape will allow that is. i introduced him to my ignore list :D I dont mind that he was speaking another language at all, but to start cursing me...that I do mind :evil:
  8. the only thing i ever get from the maze event are feathers :( i think the mysterious old man hates me
  9. usually lamps, though i'll an emote or costume if i'm feeling silly :lol:
  10. i was doing research online for a computer class, it had to about Java, and somehow i just started playing different games and found RS.
  11. hmmm, non-combat death...oh yeah back when i had members the brimhaven agility arena got me once, but i only lost leather chaps, boots and gloves what would that be like 50gp maybe? I felt soooo foolish,though, luckily no one else was around to witness my "accident" :oops:
  12. THAT'S IT I'M DONE TRYING TO HELP PEOPLE OUT. a guy shows up where i'm training and asks "where is brass key to get to giants" and i clarify that he wants to go to the hill giants in the edgeville dungeon. I explain that i dont have the key but he can get to them without it. He's lvl 40,and i thinking -ok... he'll be fine to run through the zombies, skeletons and what not on the way from the edgeville entrance to the hill giants, and offer to take him there, what the heck, i can train there just as easy. so we start off and just when we get to the little skeleton mine, he FREAKS :ohnoes: out accusing me of trying to lead him into a high level dungeon and let him die (cause i'm soooo jealous of his addy platebody...LOL) i explain that the hill giants really are just around the corner and he'll be fine :wall: , but does he believe me? NOOOOOO apparently i'm pure evil trying to get his armor. long story short i run down grab him a key give it to him then grab one for myself and leave the dungeon via the ladder, and wouldn't you know the little creep shows up at the door to the hut a couple of minutes later, following another player he got to help him, complaining about the mean lvl 61 (me) that tried to trick him by taking him to the wrong dungeon :roll: !!!! For goodness sake, if your willing to ask for help, shouldn't you be willing trust the person helping you???? and i think most people when they offer help are sincere about it, not everyone in the game is out to take advantage.
  13. i just try to ignore it and hope they go away...
  14. yeah it bites when someone follows you around being a jerk for no reason. i try to ignore it and not let it get to me, but secretly i hope kharma will intervene and totally smite them for it.
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