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  1. Banned for thinking Canada powns eh. Australia FTW.
  2. Screw 50. I shall compose an evil plan where I tell the mods to let us get to 97...then get 4 people to post on 96 all like 2 seconds after each oiter. Thats how we shall win. :D 2.
  3. I was suposed to be a critic last time but your forums to register didn't work for me. :XD:
  4. Becuase alcohol poisoning is obviously dieing with glory :roll: I mean something people will remember.
  5. Yeah I actually don't mind My Chemical Romance, they're not like the one I mean, the bads that just scream the words and don't sing them. And I didn't mean that literally. :lol: And Britney Spears? I bloody agree mate!
  6. To me, everyone has a time to die. I'm not gonna die soon because I've got so much to accomplish. But for me personally, I want to die in a blaze of glory. I want to go out at the top, so noone ecver forgets I was there. I either want to die by a plane crash, car crash or alchohol poisoning.
  7. Arj Barker, Billy Connoly and Carl Barron (in no particular order) are my favourites. On Thank Goid You're Here! (not really stand-up but I'll put it in), noone can beat Hamish Blake, Josh Lawson and Matthew Newton.
  8. New Song! Sorry it took so long, I'm still looking for subjects. :? So enjoy, Ancient Wizard~Noob Who?
  9. From what I've heard Call of Duty should be number 1 (40 Awards or something). I think Bioshock wasn't that great to be number 2, that's hwere I would've put Halo 3. I haven't actually played that many games this year that were birlliant (I've only played my mates 360) so I can't comment much more than that.
  10. Why can't techno or electronica songs be about something? You realize an electric guitar is just a piece of electric equipment as well right? It still takes a lot of skill to compose a good electronica song, and they can be very meaningful. Yeah I should've specified a bit more, I mean that techno music that's just all about going to clubs and gettin pissed and that's just doof doof doof in the background.
  11. Before we get into this thread..... No flaming other bands and genres. Don't say "I hate rap because it's bad". At least give a reason and keep it civil. Well I'll keep us off with two bands I'm strtaing to like at the moment.. The first is the Beautiful Girls. The reason I like them is they've got a unique sound and some very good guitar riffs IMO. Secondly, Kisschasy. The main reason I like them is they often have good bass riffs, whcih a lot of bands don't seem to have. Finally, my least-favourite Genres. Techno and Emo. Techno I hate because it's just a keyboard and all computers, I like music with soul and meaning, not songs abotu nothing. And Emo, C'mon. Screaming into a microphone about slitting your wrists and bad things isn't music to me. Post away!
  12. I think they're better than in school ones. If it's an out of school relationship, you don't spend 6 hours everyday of the week with each other, soyou're more excited to see each other when you actually get a chance too.
  13. What city is it? Oh and Off-Topic, ACA is full of [cabbage]. It's only good for givin the chasers material. :D
  14. Well round where I live (anyone here from Newcastle, NSW, Aust.? If you are, you'll know what I mean. I live in Swansea, or "Swandale" as some call it after the rattiest suburb in Newcastle, Windale. I is now dominated by a big ang of derros called 2281 (the postcode). I am sort of in with some of em so I'm good, but I'm a pretty big guy and I box, so my self-defence is my right fist and my legs (to run :D).
  15. Besides eggs, what does everyone else think I should collect before summoning comes out?
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