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  1. I hope this comes back soon Might just get me to start playing again
  2. You make the basement-dwellers angry, that's what's wrong with using prayer.
  3. So, since I've got nothing to do for a few hours, I decide to log on and train some thieving. At about the second room, the mummy goes postal and kicks me out for no reason, and I see that I have another sceptre. I lol'd. (Ignore the private off, I misclicked while taking the screenshot) Edit:
  4. Wallettheif


    999134 is a pretty cool guy
  5. Hey guys pehls here Oh and does anyone want to play the PC version with me? I'm getting bored out of my mind atm
  6. I hear those Palestinians are getting brutally raped by those planes. It has to really suck when planes bomb and kill all of your family members even if you didn't do anything.
  7. How do you 'loos' something?
  8. Jesus man you can't even tell when someone's being sarcastic
  9. I might get back into the game and get 99 thieving, then again, I might not I love how you stole my avatar
  10. Playing l4d on a console is like trying to read a large novel off a napkin who wants to play pc l4d with me cause console sucks
  11. Yes it was You just didn't look hard enough EDIT: what the hell 1000 posts I was planning to make an epic thread or something I demand a refund
  12. You're 12, that's under the age limit.
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