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  1. It works now, thanks guys! :thumbup:
  2. This morning, Youtube stopped working. It was fine yesterday...so this morning I was watching a video and it stopped loading halfway through, than I watched another vid and it stopped loading a quarter of the way through. Eventually, it got worse and now I can't even load the Youtube homepage. I have Norton *kicks*, and Youtube won't work in Google Chrome, IE, or Firefox. >_> (I can load the pages in Google Chrome but not the videos themselves.) I'm running Vista on an HP. What can I do? :cry:
  3. Nice guide! :) It gives great info but it seems kind of short...Hmm...also what is that shield called and how can I get one?? :ohnoes:
  4. Ava's attractor and accumulator, they pick up and spawn arrows. Attractor: http://tip.it/runescape/index.php?rs2item_id=6598 Accumulator: http://tip.it/runescape/index.php?rs2item_id=6599
  5. Get up to 60 mining, than buy iron and superheat steel in the mining guild. :thumbsup:
  6. Be honest and type well. I wish you luck! :thumbup:
  7. You can play the game, you know. Me and my friend trained, alched together and did all sorts of stuff in between burying the bones. You just have to time it so you can bury the bone right after 15 minutes go by. (Buring as soon as the clock changes)
  8. Sheep Shearer. >_>;; I have a lvl 73 account that I have not completed that quest on. :?
  9. I would make it so ther was no cap to how high/low you could sell/buy an item for. 8-)
  10. I would wear whatever cape for the skill I was training. So people don't ask me "rc levul? lawll" When I am rcing or something. :
  11. Claws. Put the FEAR in your enemies! :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:
  12. If you would like to know more about the Mage Training Arena, read about it here: viewtopic.php?f=103&t=591439&hilit=MTA
  13. It lets you into the edgeville furnace. Read all the bonuses here: http://tip.it/runescape/?page=varrock_a ... htm#reward Happy 'Scaping! :thumbsup:
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