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  1. well, starting off, to me, RS gets more boring and painstaking within each passing day, first is the jagex determination to rule out RWT, so they introduced the trade limit, and i thought they cant stop us from dropping or dying, and how wrong i could have been, well then my chinese gold farmer friends told me they use bounty hunter to do so, guess what, BANG, they closed bounty hunter and as u can see the players of RS decreased by...idk...50%? so i guess jagex got somethign against money, in a way RWT benefit jagex cuz they need membership or so to access their prefered gold farming spot (the green drags near clan wars), so it's very profittable and it really helps some new players who have the cash to get started, i mean, honestly, wat r u gonna do with that 25 gp u start with? i constantly have people coming up to me saying "yo dude, can u help me get to the nearest furance for 10gp?" i coulda just pickpocket some random guard and get 3 times that gold, then jagex gave us the grand exchange and made the components much more expensive than the finishing product, i used to stick around in world 1(when i was f2p) trading cooked lobsters for raw and selling them rite on the spot, when i became member i did the similar thing to potions, now look, the price, it makes leveling a pain in the bum, i've been after that quest cape for so long, but my herb lvl just cant go any further without bleeding myself to death, i mean, what is with this RWT thing? it tips the games balance? i'm sure everyone's got the money, it's just whos willing to spend that money on some imaginary shiney thingys, i miss the days when i have to fight to mine coal, i woke up at 3 o'clock am just to mine some coal, or the days when i can go f2p lobster fishing and have people dancing for fire, this RWT thing that jagex is doing is ruining my game, i never bought gold in my life, yet, i'm being affected, i'm losing the fun that's left in RS, i feel no passion in playing on ._. :( Mod Edit: Seperated huge amount of text ~Rainy_Day
  2. i'm sure everyone was once addicted to this game, and so i was too, not shamed to admit it, i remember so many first times, first set of iron armors, first time being killed (by a lv 20 bear i think), first time exploring a dungeon, first time being scammed (the usual "i'm jagex staff thing then the guy in the end kept on hacking me for 20 times before stopping) my first 10k, my first 100k, my first 1m, my first barrow item drop, my first gwd, first time reaching lv 100, first friend on the list (music doctor, probably quit around after a few weeks after i knew him) my best friend (zero9930, i still miss u justin=]) first time member, oh god i can keep this list going and going forever, it brings back so many memories, now that all my friends are gone, i feel really upset when i think about it, all those good friends from lvl 3, who met on tutorial island, who met first time when u were mining, or fishing for shrimps, it's really depressing, i used to play until midnight, or sometimes all day, and hang out with my friends, i wasn't very powerful, i was really poor who would go to varrock sewers to pick up coins from the floor (ya, i did that) but it was still fun nevertheless, i felt so alive playing that game, now i'm pretty high leveled, i'm reasonablly rich i just don't feel that joy of playing runescape anymore :( so i quit, and came back occasionally to check things out and looks at the place where i've been, i sometimes visit the places where i met my old friends but find them deserted now that RS players have dropped so much, it pains me to watch that same empty place, it was as if he was there a second ago, well that's my story, i just want to know if anybody is feeling the same way, if not, what keeps u going in this game? what's the thing that drives u forward and continue playing this game?
  3. so~wats the least favorite, most sick and disgusting quest u consider has made u say dang! that's sick? wat is the quest that u did and would never want to do again? to me...it's one small favor and ghosts ahoy =D wat about u guys?
  4. HI GUYS=D i was just hanging around the agility arena one day and i kinda realized it's not as fast as when i was lv 20 anymore, where do u guys train agility?=D
  5. i'm sure everyone have died before, but have you ever noticed? the syetem only keeps the most valuable if SOLD IN STORES!!! not its market value, this has cause so much [flipping] annoyance over me because whenever i go godwars or something, and i die, it's not the fury, guthan spear or whip i keep, but rather the 200k torag's plate or dharok's legs!! doesn't anyone hold the same opinion as me?? :x
  6. cuz jagex clearly stated being called a noob is NOT offensive, but still i get very ticked off when ppl call me noob and i've seen people using noob in such a way that it's definitly not a good term, wats with u guys? wats ur reaction to being caleld a noob? :thumbsup:
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