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  1. i suggest 99 attack keep ur str as it is, and get 70 prayer/94 mage. then go members pking, start of welfaring work your way up. 99 attack means you'll combo the [bleep] out of people
  2. just do no armour fights then who cares bout ur attack
  3. u had a phoenix necklace congrats?.......................... as for op just buy claws and rush til ur rich to buy ags
  4. just dont get ur attack/str higher than 74 each
  5. i say you get 70 def and start hybriding, 60 99 70 is godlike
  6. bring 22 deaths 44 astrals 110 earths not w/e u have there
  7. ur the best pker of 2010 because you can click a special attack button. well, youre definitely a 2010 pker thats for sure.
  8. Editing (major editing) ruins a video. I don't care if you hit a 40, and I don't want to see it 6 more times. Nor do I want my screen to shake everytime you hit someone for a high amount. While I would've liked some music, I lived through the video without having any. What's the difference between watching a level 40 and a level 20 fight? There's basicly no difference. PK videos are to show off kills and loot, which is what this video did fine. this is why tipit graveyard has no posts. pk videos are for entertainment value. I am not entertained by some overpowered soul warred account killing everyone with one click without showing any skill or anything. editing videos and adding music to them makes them a lot more fun to watch, regardless of music taste. If i want to go watch someone pk and kill people with no editing or music, then I'll just go edgeville and watch fights. the point of a pk video is to take that pking and make it into entertainment. I never said major editing anyway? at least a little bit would've helped, but each fight he showed dragged on for too long when we know hes just gonna click his dfs and win anyway. and 999, pretty sure a veng ko on a main is harder than summoning something and clicking operate on ur dfs or w/e u do. And obviously ppl wanna see you get good loot, if its an edge video then thats one of the main things, if it was hybriding then i could care less about your loot but its 100% edgeville i wanna see what drops you get at least it keeps me interested. and tbh, why show clips of you killing 0 itemers? at least get some good kills in there... FYI music doesnt get muted if you put a disclaimer in your description saying i do not own this music etc... how do you think there are 29494850347534789 pk vids on youtube where the ppl condesended to add music
  9. even if i still have you added (idk idc) im sorry but all your vids/threads are terrible. theyre all the same thing, some overpowered lvl 20 who can hit 30280943s and 1 hits everyone. its boring as hell, you never add music, you dont even attempt to edit, and tbh its no fun watching a lvl 20 kill someone in one hit and get a bandos scrimshaw. go train your main and make a decent vid that actually has music.
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