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  1. i was doing some boxing in f2p, found out my "epic boxer" was not so epic. loses to pures, and mains alike. someone help me :( 60 attack 40 strength 60 defence 55 hp 61 cb.
  2. VERY nice. I don't say this often, I could've sworn I was one of the best range 2hers. I admit defeat, you have some tricks I have never seen before. Step back 2h, etc etc. Perhaps we can schedule a fight, I have a 57 and 46. Cheers. Prun.
  3. my tank is gonna catch up to you, 200k til 94 mage u think i should raise my range from 91? or get higher def first
  4. Prun


    57 combat.. don't get anything until you hit 60-65 cb tbh everyone at 57 is either pure or wanna-be tank with 40 hp u're fine as of now. ps: might wanna get 40 range for d'hide for fun : D once you hit 60 cb, get 70 range once you hit 65 cb, get 31 pray once you get 70 cb, get 44 pray etc etc. right now your hp is obviously very low, so pk until you get those cb levels. cheers, prun
  5. u are not gnna get those stats in 10 days... stupid goals tbh, gnna take at least a year, esp with 22 pray therefore 22 pray is stupid, get 44 or 52. get 60 atkfor dclaws, get void and own 60atk 85+str 42def, or 45 31pray-43pray go own nvm, u already have 70 atk stay 70 atk get dclaws etc etc
  6. Prun

    Zerker Pure

    f2p or p2p? makes all the difference, cause if ur p2p, u have to get ur def xp from quests f2p ------------------ 1-20 atk with vampire slayer quest 20-40 atk with minos or cows 1-10 str on chickens 10-30 str on cows 30-50 minos 1-33 def, where ever u want if ur f2p then js get 40 atk 50 str 33 def, and then do dslayer after that get around 75-80 str via flesh crawlers starting pking, i would advise no prayer until 80+ str
  7. torags helm fury dfs dboots/bandos boots armadyl top/blacdhide top toraglegs/blackdhidelegs cape: avas barrows gloves bolts, emeralds til poison, then onyx bolts (e) to recharge hp, if its not food, if food is allowed, use dbolt(e) with diamond(E)
  8. i hate you and your awesome drops. but its okay, cause i have my mask set + santa to keep me company :)
  9. Haro Der, this account was started in 03' as a skiller. and it evolved... and evolved... finally it has evolved into something great... something like...prun. High BH rank, High decent FoG rank. rate /10 please : )
  10. ^ prun's better tbh free bump babe, hope your happier today : D
  11. best and cheapest tank gear torag helm- prot in +1 dhide bod power ammy- imo 45k cheaper than glory and around same stats dhide chaps>any skirt, defense bonuses arent that bad if you compare, hits > anything, also veng will hit more on them addy boots- underrated boots, adds around +10 defense bonus rune sqr- 22k,5-10 defense bonus less than kite rune bolt/dbolt switch, or diamond/dbolt up to you magic shortbow to use spec and get rid of opp veng without hitting too high on yourself. -prun, hope that helps total risk is like 150k-200k, pretty cheap for range tanks, def bonus around 180-200, switch chaps for r skirt if u want.
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