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  1. So thats 70m made in the 3 days ive been back, 80% of it from frost drags. Made it into and keeping the shield btw, i was saving up for it anyway :D
  2. Guildddddd Warssssss <3 I should do that and get my wc to an even 85, 82 looks bad on thr stat menu.
  3. Thank you sooooo much for posting this. But why wait and not get tokens? :???:
  4. Grats jeremy, how much do you recon 90-96 summ cost just in using the charms, im about to get a yak very soon
  5. Range. Low pricetag of ~60m and afkable as long as you repot every couple minutes. Not to mention its 300k xp an hour when your 90+ with void
  6. Its uncommon for me to be hit over 200 consistantly pvming, and with what im guessing the very best armor will only block ~10% of damage i dought this will make divs and elys crash a good rate faster.
  7. Ive thought about giving up on combat, but its the most fun rs has to offer. And i dont think dungoneering is a bad skill, but it just forces you to interact with other people and that can be difficult.
  8. Greg295

    The Poll

    Rollercoasters are the bees knees imo, but i voted for death. Not afraid of death in general but being drowned/murdered sounds extremely unplesant.
  9. Oo nice! Ancient body looks really sweet, I got it from my first elite, it was only worth 400k at the time :lol: I just finished another elite and got 250k :thumbdown: What a coincidence, this was my latest elite :) What a coincidence, i just bought these:
  10. And while im at it... 1 Year ago tomorrow, 110 combat, best moment of my rs career by far.
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