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  1. Went to castle wars and played a game or 2 then the duel arena and then back to castle wars for the rest of the night.
  2. Its been like this for at least 3 months when I bought my card.
  3. Choppermad sounds very familiar. Does anyone care to give me some backstory on him?
  4. They don't care about me I don't care about them.
  5. There is almost too much about Runescape that could be turned into a good movie.
  6. This is a mostly ignorant opinion, but from what I have seen. It looks like he was banned for flaming and TIF admins/mods are to prideful to unban him for their strict moderating
  7. Its the ultimate showdown of ultimate destiny!
  8. What world were you in? w18 I feel like there is a lot more to this story. I also feel like when ever something doesn't go your way you cry "glitch!"
  9. Oh. Just thought you got it in a weird spot until I took a peek at your stats. Very nice
  10. I think you really did well there -- reds seem to be going well under 1.3, so unless yellows have really crashed, this was nice for you. I'm not trying to sound like I'm stalking you but like almost every of your post in this thread is bashing red partyhats as if you have a grudge against them. I went into Epic Rares cc and saw that someone DGed his red for yellow + 285m + full dharoks and bgs. Thats ~301m. So considering 260m is what you think a "well decision", you should honestly stop trying to manipulate prices. :-w I don't usually respond to pc products, but I'll make an exception for you. I've got nothing against red. All phats are going down, and red has gone down the most (on a percentage basis). I didn't know that you owned a red and wouldn't care anyway. When items are crashing like phats have been, prices will be all over the place. If the trade you referenced actually happened, which I doubt, then that just means someone got robbed, cause I could have bought reds all day for 1.25. If anyone's manipulating here, it's you. I'm not even in the partyhat market atm. Pc product? What the hell? I said the same thing. lolwut...
  11. Apparently he got a girlfriend.
  12. Not really because of all of the "Spam posts, double, triple, quadruple posts." If all of those were deleted... I think that S U O M I, Paperbag, Drumgun should all Team up to Train Dg together :-) I've been thinking of some questions to ask the Top Ranked Players. Just waiting to know who is in charge of that Topic. Except for the fact that Suomi has 200m and Drumgun dgs with his gf. Wait wait wait. Drumgun on average plays 16 hours a day and he has a girlfriend? What is this. I don't even....
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