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  1. Did you pay one of the legit clans the 1b or W/e entry fee, or are you just hosting whenever and wherever?
  2. Happy birthday :D

  3. I've seen many posts about "Oh, you want to make money, do farm runs, dailies, and flip!". I fail miserably at flipping, making a mere ~1500k an hour, hardly worth it considering I can AFK frosts for 2000k+ an hour. I don't do any dailies simply because I've never bothered to find out which are worth doing, nor do I care THAT much, unless it really is 1m per day, for a measly 10-15 minutes. Lastly, I've never done a herb run in my life, but I'd like to start, seeing as it's extremely easy, fast, a smidgen of exp, and of course, it brings in a good 1m+ a day for little to no work. So my two biggest concerns are herb runs and dailies, and my only problem with dailies is: Which are worth doing, and what's the generally accepted 'best' path to take when doing them. This leaves farming, and the only thing I'm missing is a route, inventory,what herb to farm at 70 farming for the greatest profit, and those pesky Juju potions. I'm sure I can figure out the inventory/route on my own, but a suggested one would be appreciated! Now, onto the Juju's. I'm completely new to them, and I'm unfamiliar with the 'best' method to collect Ugune's and Marble vine. Also, I've read a bit into it, and it seems I need to have a few things planted inside the Juju farming area to attract the correct Jadinko type(s)? I've talked to someone about it, and since I'm only 78 hunter at the moment, they suggested Common's until I hit 80 hunter, then switch over to draconic? (I may have misunderstood, I believe that the draconic are of the more 'uncommon' types, and only appear every so often?). Basically, I'm looking for what to plant to attract what, how exactly do I catch them (Exactly like Chins?), and what Vines/seeds do I need to look out for other then Ugune and Marble? Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe Juju mining potions (Samadem and Draconic vine) are the only other potion worth making? If so, what Jadinko's can I expect to drop Samadem seeds, I'll assume the (once again, assumed) occasional Draconic Jadinko? That's all I really need help with right now, and thanks in advance for any help!
  4. Honestly, I recommend getting 88/96/99. It doesn't change your PvP combat, at all, and will just make everything easier, especially training and making money.
  5. What the hell is this..? A 45 can hit 20's, 70's, and 100's at dart speed? Lmfao
  6. Have another comment! Friend just got his Divy, and he's gonna let me borrow it if need-be. So we're definitely hitting up them bosses soon, I've got 240m to make!

    Busy all week, until Thursday, not sure about Friday, but I'll shoot you a PM when I'm online ;p

  7. Pretty sure it's just a mage based melee attack, so it uses your strength level/boosts/armor.
  8. Buy me one next? :D Nah, I'm thinking he should give my poor ass 300m to start nexing <3
  9. Funny, when i got back from that trip i thought to myslelf that i wouldn't take a Range weapon next time i go, as i used it ,at most, 4 times during the entire previous trip. And by the time i actually took the second shot the next DK would pop up and i'd have to switch back. Thanks for clearing that up though. Also when it comes to luring. I find that this slows me down a lot. Usually Rex and Prime are spawned at the same time. Either that or they would spawn seconds after the other. This means that if i chose to lure Rex i would give up the chance of replacing cannonballs when the cannon runs out, which ulimatly makes me kill Prime slower. This puts me at more risk when Supreme spawns cause i'd be praying make (still waiting for Prime to die) while taking hits from Supreme, who hits quite accurate sometimes. As for the rings. Would a Wealth really "up my profits" enough to take it over an offensive+defensive bonus? The offensive/defensive bonus on the Dstone(i) are so small and negligible, it's really just not worth taking over the wealth. Besides, you're using an Onyx (i), which just makes death something to worry about even more.
  10. Bring a few brews and make the trips a bit shorter, it doesn't take THAT long to get to them! :thumbup:
  11. [bleep] YOU, I'M SEXY AS BALLS!!!!
  12. Once again, what? If you're asking why it's telling him that, then you should probably check the front page on www.runescape.com. If you're referring to the Kwuarm seed, that's... a Kwuarm seed. They've been around for quite some time now. Oh, and that's baby blue/teal. :thumbup:
  13. hwo do you get these? ive seen in dung, but not outside of ge 0.0 What in the hell are you talking about?
  14. I think they are one of the worst, if not THE worst slayer tasks out there, DO NOT UNLOCK THEM. EVER.
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