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  1. advice unhelpful. thread closed
  2. ray what junk can u make from going to avis? i know that they are good money from bars but that isnt what im looking 4.
  3. i see your point that i could just be making money alot quicker than just making junk. though im looking for easier ways of making money that dont require me to be on this game so much. (looking to get easy junk and buy crashing items with it)
  4. How fast do white berries spawn? and how much profit is it per tab?
  5. I recently lost a huge chunk of money 40m+ and im down to around 5m. I'd like to hear some ideas of thing i could do to make money but please do not post things like (aviansies, farming, or green dragons) ive tried those and they just dont work for me. Here is a list of all of my stats please post with your ideas. (also i've completed every quest in game if that helps.) attack:99 Strenght:95 defense:87 magic:88 range:86 Pray:73 HItpoints:97 cook:80 wc:75 fletch:81 fish:71 firemaking:72 craft:70 smithing:71 mine:70 herblore:70 agility:70 theive:70 slay:85 Farm:64 runecraft:64 hunter:70 construction:70 summoning:79
  6. The grave was still up when i went back it was crumbling but i could still see some sharks under the grave so i don't know.
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