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  1. with his stats, zombie monkeys is a bit of a waste. stay a mossies or try fire giants, you will have shorter trips, but more profit. u can try to switch between SoS spiders (purely xp) and green drags in CT (mostly for the money)... unfortunately, fire giants are a waste too. I took almost a full inv. of food down with the intention to kill some bronze dragons out of sheer boredom, and i decided to try out the fire giants instead. almost nothing to sell and i ran out of food pretty quickly. I think moss giants have more porfitable drops and are so much easier to inflict damage on. ....uhm.... what? i dont get whatever you're saying here...
  2. whats a good place to train for melee combat levels 85-100, speed and maybe even profit? Right now im training on moss giants in brimhaven dungeon, i can stay down there getting good hits with no food for a long time, only keeping drops worth 600 gp+, which includes handy ranarr +snapdragon seeds. gems, herbs etc. and then going to ardougne to bank. decent melee training + extra 30k-100k per trip. any better places? =D
  3. Quoted from Smash Wiki a highly talented player can avoid the Dair and juggle with an aerial of their own (a Fair for instance). timing is crucial for everything in this game. False. A larger hitbox when timed correctly will ALWAYS beat out the smaller hitbox. Even if it's not correctly timed, it should still be able to beat out the smaller hitbox. Also, as I said, use your jumps, dairs, and air dodges. Don't be predictable. This is most likely the problem why you're losing. Edit: Spacing is more crucial then timing. unfortunately, his technique is stronger than mine is. i have no problems fighting anyone else, i know what attacks to use and when, but he's simply a very strong player. which is why i am looking for a stronger player than lucario, even though i have come to adapt to his playing style. and i HAVe tried metaknight, i don't like his dynamics at all. is there any reference/site that documents dynamic(timelined) hitboxes(with damage percentages mapped)??
  4. Quoted from Smash Wiki a highly talented player can avoid the Dair and juggle with an aerial of their own (a Fair for instance). timing is crucial for everything in this game.
  5. since about the 5th match i ever played with lucario, the only matches ive lost were against the same guy. in fact, hes the only one who can juggle me at all anyways.
  6. tell that to capt. olimar. and pit.
  7. I also placed second place at the prelim. tournament saturday. and plan on doing the same at the upcoming tourny. lucario has decent ranged attacks, decent weight, decent damage, and simply require above average timing and execution. Although the majority of Lucario's attacks take a large amount of time to execute, there are a few attacks the are both fast enough and have enough range to use effectively IF you press your enemy hard and give them enough berth. if lucario is between 35% and 85%, i am an unstoppable force. the only problem i ever face is if i am being juggled without a chance to recover with R as i hit the ground. which is why i am looking for a much faster character with a high rate of vertical movement. but not like falco, whose vertical movement is ridiculously out of proportion with his horizontal movement.
  8. you're not even worth my time. but if you're ever in planing to be in florida, the daytona area, pm me and i'll make sure to talk to my aforementioned friend who works at the game store the tournaments are held at and get him to have one hosted at a time convenient for you. i don't believe in online play for a game such as brawl. Oh, and thanks to your incredibly distracting and infuriating textual excrements, i just died in RS by way of dragons and/or black demons. So you owe me a brawl match. i will hand you your own bottom half.
  9. Depressing. but unfortunately, likely the truth. silence + darkness. absolute nothingness.
  10. What do you believe lies beyond our mortal coil? silence and darkness? a spiritual experience? heaven or hell? reincarnation?
  11. Ah, yes. i am the ignorant one. i am the one who is sarcastic and sardonic. well, maybe i am being sarcastic. but just this once. you asked for conflict when you replied to my OP with "For some reason, I highly doubt this." There is only one person i know personally who is better than I am. Everyone is afraid to play me. The person who won the preliminary tournament has a very high mlg ranking in brawl. I don't remember precisely his rank, but its up there. And we enjoy playing eachother simply because no one else comes close. and since you apparently get off from conflict, i am ending any form of negative discusion you and I will have here and now. you win. you're right. i shouldnt be original and create my own threads. I should conform to your world and let everything orbit your ego.
  12. Since you don't seem to realize that we are able to create threads for a reason, and you ARE a brainless moron, the logic for creating another thread is as follows: although this is related to another thread, it is quite separate considering that it is a very simple and closed-ended question. That is all.
  13. alright, whatever. either way, i have barely played the game. nitpicking a**-h***
  14. basically, i had been purchasing/selling items on the GE, and i have a habit of using the withdraw all but one option. i had forgotten to deposit my gold, but i thought to myself "Oh, im not going to be in combat, so there should be absolutely NO problem with this" haha how wrong i was. i lost all but one gold. at least i hadnt sold all my ores and seeds yet. that gave me around 500k again. *shrug*
  15. Alright, i used to be AMAZING at super smash brothers melee, but i stopped playing for a long time, and i went to an anime convention and played brawl for the first time about two years ago. i picked sheik, my long time fave, unaware that she had been nerfed to no end. i lost miserably, and picked lucario the next match, and destroyed everyone for the next half hour before people started complaining. they thought i was hustling, even though i was frantically attempting to adjust to the drastic change that was made to the game's physics from melee to brawl. i have played maybe two dozen times since then since i do not own a nintendo wii. either way, i just placed 2nd place at a brawl pre-tournament, gaining free admission to the tournament this sunday. i used lucario the entire way through, although i did get a chance to play around with marth, who i noticed had a shorter sword, more powerful attacks, and a much more complicated(albeit faster) rhythm to his forward B blade dance attack. These are only the more obvious changes to his character, and I believe he may be a candidate for me to practice with. What characters would you brawl players suggest i try out? game n watch, olimar, pit and sonic have been suggested to me so far. what are your thoughts??
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