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  1. They might be new randoms....? But then again I doubt it.
  2. To be fair this was not wasted time. They did not have any more updates to release this month so this is a free-be.
  3. You can use a trophy from a friends house if you do not have one mounted.
  4. I am not saying that I am awesome or even that I am disappointed but the fights at the end of the quest were ridiculously easy. I went in for a test run because I had been hearing about how difficult it was (and even saw several graves at the start). During my test run I had 1 prayer potion, an extreme set (didn't use), 10 unicorn scrolls (used 2), and the rest sharks (used 2). I was wearing full prossy, a glory for teleport, an enhanced Excalibur, and barrows gloves, dragon boots. With this step up I raped every step of the way. I imagine that if I were dumb enough to get hit by the 'special' of Luciens it may have been harder but even then the 2 sharks I used were because of that. I never banked, I never got hit and never used a guide (as there isn't one yet... may write one :P) . I am not even maxed... so to me the bosses were underwhelming. Otherwise it was an amazing quest and I cannot wait to see what the 'future' holds. [spoiler=Spoiler]So about Bob the cat... After the quest I talked to him (even though the notes said that it needed to be done in not cat form) and it was pretty much a waste of time.
  5. New Barrows has a prayer requirement (70). Perhaps this is to be coupled with the prayer update in a way that is useful?
  6. In a clan citadel's battlefield there is a way to get a +10 agility boost, can't remember the name though. :P Anyway I can get confirmation on this? I have looked everywhere...
  7. Pretty sure that is twister. "But there is no color.." Yeah because the Vampyres use the tree to change the color of the board. To make matters worse it is random so that it makes it hard for them. Good thing I am awesome at Twister. This quest is as good as done.
  8. *Gone fishing* :lol: Will be awhile till I get 120 yeah, I would prefer to come out straight on top if I ever get maxed. As for the cashflow for the prayer/fm/craft, not too good. Secretly hoping that a nice person or 2 who's fed up of scape by this Rs update quits and shares some bankloot with me XD Other than that, rocktail and the occasional herb run brings in like 60m gps a month, so it'll be quite awhile until I have enough unless the above happens :P Also Langer, if the screenie a few pages ago was real then it means that Richard (the number guy) is quitting rs after he finishes fletch and defence. So that would mean he's never even gonna start that long road :P I don't understand why you kept saying that you are against donations and merchanting (I never understood why you would say the latter), yet you just openly asked for donations L. You kept saying that you don't respect players who get money like that and that you're all about DIY. Kinda hypocritical don't you think? I can also add that you asked Elias for merchanting help and when you found out you couldn't do it well you bad mouthed merching again. I really dislike it when someone is hypocritical. I agree with Makaveli, I've noticed for a while that he likes to boost his own achievements and undermine all others. It's getting old pretty fast, especially with it being implied under a 'imo', or a so called 'non-bias' approach. Almost like a highschool girl talking smack I must say. Give it up. Yes, because his achievements clearly need boosting :blink: The whole point of a forum is to be able to post your opinions and discuss things without being insulted for doing so. On topic, I really hope this Richard fella doesnt quit. The number of inactive top players is quite disconcerting. As I said before, can anyone else remember the last time when both rank 1 and 2 were inactive? Well, he doesn't need to be a hypocrite about it. I'm fine if he keeps saying he is a DIY person but if he then starts asking for donations which he was always against and kept saying bad things about it then that's sad lol. I was always against donations and I still am and you won't ever see me supporting them. Though I have no dog in this fight and would prefer the thread to ignore the personalities of the top players I feel I need to add my two cents for a change. It seems to me that Drumgun was making a passive aggressive attack on Suomi. He was saying that "it sure would be nice..." because [that makes things so much easier]. When I first read it, that is how I took it at least.
  9. For 150 prayer pts it's a real waste, looks cool would have been better as a pet. Completely agree. It does look awesome but no real benefits at this time. Does have a 60 minute time though and gives 1/8 prayer exp. Still though, I am not seeing a real need anywhere.
  10. Not to mention it is 50k for each pouch and 15 scrolls.
  11. I do not understand why this is such a problem. So Jagex offers 10% to those that can refer a freind and/or pay for a second account. Either way I do not understand why people are upset. Why does it matter if player x gets 10% more xp than you? It is a game, always has been. Now I can see the issue with RWT but the players are not hitting any harder, they are not getting better potions, they do not even get fancy new gear. The only change is that they get 10% more experience for a week each time they do it. They only level faster for a period of time. In my opinion leveling faster is never a bad thing. I feel this way because this game does not center around players going for 200m xp where this could potentaially save 20m xp per skill (highly unrealistic). This game is one of the slowest games I have ever played to max out. It becomes a grind fest really fast. As a result people can and do burn out really fast due to that. I personally have seen 7 irl friends to just that. But if they leveled faster, I think they may have stuck around. So to be, if my irl friends still played that would be better for me. Heck I may even see if I can get some to come back.
  12. The minigame is actually pretty fun and offers a wide variety of other benefits in the way of xp or cash. The 200m argument that you are using does not take those factors into play. EDIT: Not to mention that this thread was made about 9 hours ago. Since you get the lumberjack and the construction set while doing this activity, it is worth the time.
  13. Leveling Zachory is taking forever... it is like his magic never hits. Level 2 other to 99 and Zach just hit 59...
  14. I have an entire set in my POH and have a top in my inventory.
  15. Also have done 5 treks (medium) so far and gotten a Zombie lumberjack event every time. Is this par for the course for everyone? I also already have full Lumberjack
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