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  1. Congrats to kameeru on 200m dungeoneering xp. His second 200m, what a beast.
  2. Nice list after all those years, thumbs up for the people updating the list regularly. Check out this old f2p highscores of 14 october 2005, the day I joined tip.it forum :) A picture of me playing paparazzi :shame:
  3. I haven't played for a year, last time was in june 2009. I have missed playing runescape for just a couple of times now. Never planning to come back though. I see some of my (former) f2p friends have progressed amazingly. S diamant y nearing the 1 bil exp milestone, el popo1 with 200m ranged xp and water is nat with a very nice smithing rank and exp. Just to call a few. BTW hi greedy44 and fire_hawk154, greetings to TLL. My message to all f2pers (and members as well :wink: ) :: Keep the XP's coming. Bye for now.
  4. Wow awesome a new f2p skill, this sure will have it's influence on the top 200 f2p list. I still keep track of my former runescape friends, it's an amazing achievement how their levels develop. Good luck to you all.
  5. Wow 11 f2pers have maxed already. Simply an amazing achievement. Congrats to these maxed f2pers and good luck to all other f2pers trying to maximize their skills.
  6. Dear AURA, would you take me off the list please? I am not a pure free player anymore. Farewell, verie.
  7. Goodluck on your goals, should try 85 mining and thanks for posting on my blog
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