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  1. Happy birthday :D

  2. I misunderstood your post. But yes, 300m/month xp rate is not sustainable. I am not the one saying it is. It appears from drumgun's post that HE is the one saying that. This is what squisher was asking him about. From your post, it looked like you thought I was saying 300m/month is possible, which is exactly what Jebrim appears to think that squisher was thinking. If I were to paraphrase drumgun's post, then it would go something like Drumgun: "I can sustain a 300m/month xp rate." OR "I can sustain the xp rate I got that month, not counting the summoning xp and zeal xp." Please remember, I do NOT think Drumgun can sustain the 300m/month xp rate. But the phrasing of that post makes it unclear whether DRUMGUN HIMSELF is saying this or not. At least until we have further clarification. Yeah he did say that he could keep getting 300M exp/Month since he has "10 Buyable Skills" left which he could get 8M exp/day. He is working on the non-Buyable skills now.
  3. Nice to see all of your Drawings & your Zammy (boooo) Book. How long did it take to do all of the drawings? Are you going to make a Guthinx & Saradomin (yay) Books sometime? What drawings are you working on now? :shades: :thumbup:
  4. Congrats on 99M Hp exp :thumbup: Now work on Slayer to 200M :-P
  5. What will you be Smithing? Are you banking the Granite? :) (this is 258 for life)
  6. Would you look up the Top 10 Times for: Luigi speedway & Peach beach : I'll record & upload my times
  7. Cooking Trouts ftw :thumbsup: Good idea, I'm doing that on my lvl 3 skillers till 200M cooking exp :D (200m cook & 200m cooker) There is a place in the Pictures forum that shows how to take pictures. Burn Willows for more gp gained :thumbup:
  8. They made f2p merchants lose millions during the first swap. It's an incentive to get members when a newer f2p'er realizes they would be getting 5x the money ess mining by being a member. I had Mined 200k rune essences & was going to make into 2x natures. I'll go back to mining them again if they change it :
  9. Omg! a 3 week holiday?!?!?!?! The Rcing goal you will get done by 3 weeks : Hope your bee sting gets better soon :( I post here on my other accounts :anxious:
  10. I have been working on other accounts. I post here on my other accounts :anxious: Thanks everyne for the posts!!!!
  11. Glad to see your burning willows :D Keep updated with how many willows left to burn after you get a lvl.
  12. Congrats on lvl 97 :D Get 99 on Monday :D I told one of my friend's about your guide :thumbsup:
  13. I would like to make a glass box to display the items that I got lvl 99 in. Like the lobster for lvl 99 Cooking, ect. Would like to see new rooms & items \
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