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  1. Happy birthday! :D

  2. Probably around 4 billion. few mask sets, phat, about 10 santas, ect. i've never traded rares before... these are just old items i've kept... old account. I don't sell my rares to keep the game fun. I strugged with money... have like 20 million in cash I use.
  3. I'm most glad they admitted the decline of run escape ... and how they just now dropped it. It doesn't bother me that the population declined... but I would love to hear about the health of runescape. Sometimes the amount of secrecy they keep I find silly. There is no reason why telling the truth is bad. For [bleep]s sake... its a game. If the bots are too hard to ban... tell us. Don't hype up a bot measure that will end all bots, only to fall short. I'm curious what percent of revenue the microtransactions make up the whole. Can we expect additional hires with this? Or is this to make up previous player loss and just "catch jagex back up to zero". Random question... is ivp publicly traded? Would love to buy stock.
  4. I want to log into the concentrated coal / gold areas on this update... bots...bots nowhere.
  5. I would highly recommend tip it users to not use the account guardian until it is updated down the road. Because you can't change the answers or look them up again, if you 1) get keylogged - the hacker will forever have access to your account 2) you will never beable to change your answers and you will be at their mercy.
  6. I haven't been able to go to the main runescape.com page in weeks... I have to type /game.ws go play =/
  7. who is daring enough to make "InsightVenturePartnersIsEvil.com" ... put a little SEO into it....
  8. I don't know why... but I was expecting something more than a lag fest and some cheap glasses that I buy for 1 dollar on New Years.
  9. This is very true ~ also be known that the firm is being run by former Goldman Sachs - and IVP has a big hold in runescape... pretty much it is about cashflow now.... not about game play. They want their quick profit so their CEO can get their bonus.
  10. Not sure if posted... but Jad in 10 seconds flat =] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wp-BzcmZkTQ
  11. I think you posting this topic is awfully fishy... I thought Jagex let it slip just recently that a smithing rework was underway in the new couple months? ..... who are you?
  12. You came back.... they always come back....

  13. Yes feb-2002 is earliest record which is confirmed (I get it on day 1) and in other news - I get them all bahahaha I should get the 10 year cape on a few accounts. A few lvl 3's too. I'm going to troll so hard on my level 3's... hahaha
  14. I believe I started end of 2001, around halloween and christmas. 10-year vet cape pl0x?
  15. Ooo now with all the holiday items, I would really have some fun forcing jmod to marry me, muwahhahaa.
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