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  1. What program do you crop these images with? :D
  2. http://www.tip.it/runescape/?page=mining_guide.htm#levelling The link above is an example of a skill guide that provides a chart to help players have an idea for leveling. Although this is not found in all guides, many guides have some helpful hints per section such as the Ape Atol course in the Agility guide saying "Players report at 70+ chances of falling are dramatically reduced and at 75+ players stop falling." I thought both systems were helpful but one was much easier to find than the other. Rather than adding a leveling guide for Agility and any other skill that requires it; the helpful hints such as the one above ^ could be compiled into a section of its own by the bottom of the guide. Also, the agility guide has a Training guide that acts as its leveling guide at the bottom and many other guides have these as well. Instead of having some "Leveling" and some "Training," I think it would make the website look much more uniform if all the guides used the same or very similar formats in displaying that sort of information. I know as a player when I find a helpful part of a skill guide, I look for the similar section in other skill guides. I think the uniformity would be more professional as a whole. Feel free to discuss ~Reivax
  3. Hmmm a shame about the scammers page but I suppose it's the trade-off that has to be taken, and great! I'll have a look at the page, thanks again :D
  4. Hello TipIt! I was looking around the website for any information about Scamming other players or the wide-presence of bots that people always complain about on Runescape. I seem to remember the TipIt website having something on this subject, but I can't seem to find it so I decided to suggest it. I thought a page that includes all sorts of known scams, old and new, would help to protect players who use TipIt from falling prey. The rants section of the TipIt Forum seems to be filled with players who would've benefited from such an information center. Also, a more-opinion based page, but I always hear about botters and third-party programs but I never actually know what to do about them. Sometimes I see a whole mesh of level 3's following the same exact pattern at the same exact time over trees in some areas. Now, I may not be interested in breaking any runescape rules, but if they're reportable offenses under suspicion; I thought a section on identifying and properly information Jagex could help out. I honestly have no idea if you can even report them, but if so, I thought this idea would have some validation to it. Cheers! ~Reivax
  5. Hello! Sorry to revive this thread but I figured my new thought would be better here than in creating a new thread entirely. As for the summation of required skills for quests; would anyone on the calculator team think it's worth it and efficient to perhaps integrate the idea for the Tasks as well? It's a little different because it'll be spread across a much large board (6 task pages but 1 quest page) and also the stats aren't as difficult to keep track of; nor are tasks as important as quests. If anyone thinks its worth the time, feel free to have at it, I just provide the idea :D ~Reivax
  6. I agree; I thought this would be a nice thing to consider for the new website as updating this one would be a little redundant. At this stage, best not to confuse people with re-direction if its all going to be changed anyways.
  7. I was trying to indicate that some of them are not games at all, such as the Runespan and Herbole Habitat, these are skill-based activities but to be put under mini-games I found to be incorrect. Beyond that I simply stated that some games could be stated as PVP and others could be said to not be.
  8. Hello Tipit, First off, let me apologize for going into this blind. I have no idea where Tipit is going with the new website so I'm only hoping that someone hasn't already brought up the idea that just came to me. http://www.tip.it/runescape/index.php?page=minigames.htm Following the above link will take you to the Minigames and Miniquests page. This page is helpful in that it illustrates many large activities that may or may not be directly correlated with skilling. The issue that I had with the page is exactly that; they may or may not be directly correlated with skilling. Some of these games that i've been reading over the past couple of days make obvious sense as PVP-based minigames such as Castle Wars, Soul Wars, Stealing Creation, Clan Wars, Dual Arena, Fist of Guthix, etc. but some others in here don't really fit the mini-game or even the PVP feel of the section such as Sorc's Garden, Runespan, Barrows, or Trawler Fishing. The section seems a little broad for being just called Mini-Games and it does contain some segmentation below with Distractions & Diversions as well as Mini-Quests but it almost feels as if every new activity released was just clumped in there. Perhaps the new upcoming website has this issue already addressed! If that is not the case, I'd like to open up this suggestion for ideas and debate to anyone willing. ~Reivax
  9. Jeez i'm starting to come to this thread a lot. Hello! I thought it would be advisable to link the Runespan to the Runecrafting Skill Guide, you actually have to go to mini-games or the runecrafting guild guides to reach the runespan and I thought this top right link wouldn't hurt. -Edit- I was wrong, neither the Great Orb Project, or the Runecrafting Guild guide contain any links to the runespan. Although it is a mini-area, I thought it would fit in well with the Runecrafting guide since it is strictly for gaining experience in the skill or gaining runecraft related rewards. -Double Edit- I was only referring to a link from one page to another, I don't think an entire Runespan section has to be added to the Runecrafting Guide if Tipit is moving to a new website soon; which I greatly anticipate :thumbsup: Cheers!
  10. I think that's fantastic news! I doubt there is anything wrong with discussing how we think it should be handled and I happen to have no idea who Mod Mark or any of the Runescape Mods are, but it's good news to me; Even if I don't think it should take a whole year to happen.
  11. http://www.tip.it/runescape/index.php?page=trawler.htm#fish Following the above link will lead you to the Trawler Fishing Catch page with a small summary. The Summary includes that this is the only way to catch Manta Ray and Sea Turtle but was not updated to include that it is the only way to catch Tiger Shark as well. Enjoy! ~Reivax
  12. I came back to Runescape 2 days ago on a Trial Membership, because I date back originally to before the introduction of the Grand Exchange I didn't know how to navigate Runescape's new website and find their updates, so I just followed Runetips updates. Can you link me to the "slip" you're referring to?
  13. No Problem! I have another tiny bit of information that I'm not sure if you're aware of or not. I'm currently sitting in the Runespan, leveling my runecrafting when a Runesphere was announced. Initially I went looking for it and discovered a Runesphere with Death Runes around it. I can't craft death runes so I decided to wait for a higher leveled player to come by and start chipping away when I noticed that it slowly degrades over time. I just saw it downgrade again and it's a Law Rune status. I tried to find this in any of your guides but it seemed to be missing in information; Also I have no idea if this applies to the Shooting Star or the Evil Tree or any other activity of similar nature. I can personally confirm the Runesphere but if anyone has information on the others, that'd be a great addition as well! Runesphere degrades over time if you don't have the initial level to siphon off layers. -Edit- Disregard this if it was common knowledge, I just got back to Runescape so I have no idea lol. ~Reivax [Crew edit: Thanks for this note! I have added it to the guide and credited you accordingly. We appreciate your input on things like this! :thumbsup: ~ Speedyshel]
  14. Thanks for the move ^ Also, I had no idea about the Artisan's Workshop and now that I read about it, they already tried adding tiers to existing Ores. That would not be a bad way to conduct the overhaul if they actually thought of doing it. -Edit- Ah Thanks for the QFC link, I had to go back to the post to understand what it was.
  15. hbelajghvegvlh.... I just saw the "Runescape Suggestions" forum... Anyone wanna move this? xD
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