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  1. it's been a good 5 months now since i quit runescape and i check the good old tip.it forums out of boredom only to find nothing has changed. People still fighting and flaming i dont think ill be back anytime soon.
  2. dude that royally pisses me off Ive been there for 4 days 5 hours a day and this is all Ive gotten
  3. i used to play at least 3-5 hours a day everyday until my friend scammed me my bank now i play 5 hours a week if i can muster up the strength.
  4. don t know what this is about but im not complaining free moneyzzzzz
  5. Go to gamestop buy some cards resell cards online profit. (you could also sell first then buy) this. I want some bagged milk as a weapon too zokot. Offer is only valid in the US?...bull... Funny how JAGEX, a british gaming company are giving it to americans?.... btw tried to click on their link to the shop on runescape site, link's broken... Oh boo hoo u cant get your ugly junk sword. Guess you will just have to go to runefest and be bored and not have fun...oh wait....
  6. finally got 200k tokens now its rapier or ccb... i wana get on a nex team but im well... poor as dirt... I do have alot of overloads and void though If anyone can get me on a decent nex team say 5-10 man id appreciate it. Ill sell the bandos/fury and get arma or w/e is required for pro team. Im maxed combat 99 sum/pray the works If d claws are needed im sure i got a few friends i can barrow from.
  7. You came back.... they always come back....

  8. im back i guess...

  9. how come on the second picture u dont have a name? just shows the quick chat thing?
  10. since i quit and all ive decided to try and get my bank back for the lulz Ill check it once a week to see if anything happens lmao
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