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  1. LOL that's funny, I hope it's less posh more creepy, without the pink.. :anxious:
  2. VERY interesting, hearing Andrew in his own words. I had no idea there was any trouble at all with Runescape's cost.
  3. Seriously you're so very correct, that made me lol irl, advertising a product it doesn't sell :XD: Yup Jagex is corrupt. :ohnoes: ~L
  4. Give your theories about Varrock's day under the makeover mage's wand =P Will it be christened in white stone like Falador? OR GREEN?? :anxious: ~L
  5. more li3k 666 :lol: Anyway, here's my reason: I read a series called Warriors (I don't like it as much as I did back in Feb. 2006 when I made my account) Anyway the books are about groups of cats who maintain communities called clans. They live in the forest, kill their own food, and even wage war on each other sometimes. (I know, sounds pathetic, but it's pretty good) All the cat's are named some Native American style name, like= Littlefeather Hawkfrost Tigerclaw Lillypaw GraniteStar Fireheart eaglefoot pinewhisker (etc) So I thought and thought and finally came up with 'lemontail' and named myself it. The only problem is people think I'm a girl because of my name a lot, which is uber annoying ~L [off topic] Did yew know... Uber is a real German word? ...wonk wey diD
  6. Aye Cap'n! *Click* *Click* *Click* Runescape takes tolerance, and a good internet connection, it doesn't need reaction time, or anything like that. Would those happen to be the same people in this "Fine community" that think luring is a good thing? You must've missed the rant threatening to sue Jagex for his account getting hacked. WoW cannot be compared to Runescape. Comparing an Installable game, to a browser game is like comparing an olive to a watermelon, you can't. Yeah, this topic is a flame war waiting to happen. G'bye ladies and gents. Just because it is a browser game doesn't mean it's not just as good/better. I play WoW sometimes (I play RS for a month then WoW, then back to RS, then). Both are wonderful games, don't get me wrong, I'm not saying the game is crap. And yes I'll agree with you about the war =p.. But really WoW is better for end game content (as RS never really ends). The WoW PvPing anywhere is a wonderful feature and I enjoy it very much. The thing is, all the content in WoW is at least somehow linked to combat. WoW really is only killing. Many, many people are not happy with WoW, it's not as if everyone is just having a blast, there are just as many if not more whiners (called QQers, which means people who cry) in the WoW community. (dang nabbid did I ever overuse the word WoW) (even though it's not really a word it's 3 words) (um I don't wanna look like a fool) (hehe) :-s ~L :ohnoes:
  7. IMO Former members don't get enough left over benefits which they really should from p2ping. Off topic- agility improves energy for running % ?? :shock: :shock: :shock: ~lL
  8. WOW! Amazing idea! I fully support. A great new use for firemaking. Perhaps it would have to be re-light every hour or so. It could do burn damage to the enemy and cause the enemy to turn slightly red with flames bellowing up. And the better the log you use to light the weapon the better the burn bonus? log- 1 burn damage oak- 3 willow- 6 yew- 7 magic log- 9 (but it would hit very seldom) (VERY) ~L \
  9. XD I'm with you, hopefully it's a fun quest like Underground Pass though.
  10. Chances are it's going to be something going for 100k+ dollars when it arrives in the market a few decades from now.. Just my 51 cents on it. I think it would be amazingly entertaining to actually walk around in Runescape with your own feet. Just imagine PKing someone with your own reflexes instead of a mouse+keyboard :XD: If this sort of thing was ever implemented into Runescape, (which I highly doubt it will be) there should be an option for keyboard+mouse or the newer technology. (not that anyone with half a fried egg brain cell would dare disagree with me about it) :lol: ~L
  11. Yup that seriously sucks. I was imagining the onyx bracelets would go along wonderfully with the 'best armour' combinations. TOO BAD -.-
  12. Lol :lol: I can't second this because I don't know the intelligence of people who play WoW, but Runescape does indeed increase your mental capability from reaction time to mathematical skills, puzzle solving, and every day skills like farming (if you ever wish to grow your own garden or to redo your lawn, you'll know what steps to take :wink: ) I don't really see why people even flame games. If you think it's fun, fine, then play the game. That's what games are for. If you don't think it's fun, then just walk away or go to something else. What's the point of playing a game if it's just going to cause you to rant and make you furious irl? Believe me, unlike in Runescape, practically everyone is a noob. At least Runescape has some intellect! Well, I have played WoW, and the game itself is wonderful. (only if you like killing with nothing else) (and I do).. WoW is far from lame. RS is actually a better game but both have great aspects unique to them.
  13. I agree some of Runescape, like crowded f2p worlds are worse, but they are such a small part of Runescape as a whole they cannot be a judge of what Runescape really is. ( I overused the word Runescape) :lol: Anyway, this is how I see it: Crowded f2p RS areas, and some non-crowded f2p areas- Sick Sick Sick P2P- usually nice people, some especially nice WoW (almost all parts of it)- annoying, vulgar speaking fools who don't respect anyone else
  14. hahahahaha no seriously?!?!?!?!?! u must be crazy, rs takes the LEAST skill to play out of all the mmo's i've ever played in my entire life there are NO skills, the drops are all in one spot, and u can out run EVERY monster Runescape takes a lot of know how to play well. Every aspect of Runescape (mostly) requires knowledge about a certain skill/item/what item to use on what WoW is just ''level ups''... ''get a mount'' ... ''go on high level raids'' ... ''PvP (the best part)'' [that's really all of it, besides the side dish of ub3r l33t graphics] Yes runescape takes skill.
  15. HUH? =/ and runescape cusses, scams, macros, imo were alot worse then their results. People cuss in WoW, people macro in it (though it's rare because it's hard to do), people don't scam in WoW (well hardly ever anyway). The WoW community is just as bad, you wouldn't believe the vulgarity they use in that game (have you ever played?) ~L so what, suck it up. i get cursed by random people everyday. macroing in runescape takes away your fun, cussing can be easily avoided and it causes you no problems (if you have a high self esteem) runescape cusses way more then WoW (if you dont stake, safe in the wild). just glance at the f2p lumby more often, see what im talking about. seriously. Seriously, you have no idea what your talking about until you have played, RS is a much cleaner game when it comes to language used.
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