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  1. Thanks guys. I'm always surprised how nice random strangers on the internet are sometimes. (Even though I know you ofcourse, Serp)

  2. Happy birthday, Wacht!! Hope you have a good one!

  3. Happy birthday :D

  4. If you think a guide is AOW worthy, you can always report it as such and then it'll be reviewed for AOW status.
  5. Nice video. Never understood why people used other spells than blood barrage though. Why was that?
  6. The fact they all stopped at the same time indicates they were botting though.
  7. You all do realize the OP of the picture is actually one of the people playing FOG, right?
  8. I'm fairly sure I was a Miniclip kid. :ugeek: [email protected]@@@! BURN HIM!!! But I agree it was a pretty boring article.
  9. If the way the wild works is changed, it doesn't mean all the money gained from it is gone all of a sudden. The money is still there, so after a while, people will buy stuff again. changing the wildy may stop the inflation, but it won't counter it.
  10. Just came by here to point out using the fertile soil spell (with some kind of earth staff) is actually cheaper than supercompost at current prices. So it saves inv spots, is cheaper and gives magic xp, compared to supercompost. :thumbup:
  11. I haven't played in a little while and now I see a new teleport. If you use it, there are four white "walls" around you, then you lift up and dissapear. What is it?
  12. I've been hearing that since I've started playing 5 years ago. Either the game was so incredible awesome 5 years of destroying it didn't do much damage, or it's just not as bad as people say.
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