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  1. something liek this would csot jagex ALOT.. pfft.. like how is F2P gonna make potions. they dont have equipment, vials and that crushing thing. they have lots of ranged stuff and armor.. thats just to much
  2. there isn't much reasons but the main one is money. thats it. money. jagex wont give away more bank sapce which will cost them money and in return they get less money.. only from ads
  3. your a moron.. you wanted to kill Jagex members with a m4?!? you want caslte wars? you want better armor you want more stuff?? THEN PAY!!!! you dont pay, you dont get updates - thats like that in the real world. get use to it. you cant walk into a shop and say "can i have that {insert item here} for free cause i cant afford it.
  4. look. adding more bank space in banks will take up a lot of space/memory in there server/computer and that space that is geting taken up by more bank sapce for F2P'ers will COST them money and thats money that clicking on adds cant pay for. not everyone clicks on adds.. tehres lots of auters, noobs who dont bother.
  5. Exactly. If I'm in a restaurant with no money, they won't give me a free meal just on the grounds that "Hey, I got that free refill the last time I was here. I deserve it because I can't afford it!" Exactly its the same thing! its like asking for free stuff in the real world
  6. Skil lcapes are one of the best Memebers capes EVER released EVER!. why would jagex hand it over to F2P.. like someone said before You dont have the Privilege
  7. The "They dont pay, they dont get updates" isn't bull, its a fact of life. its the same in real life.
  8. LOL who could be botherd to make that? lol its funny. anyway i took a look at that thread. The "They dont pay, they dont get updates" isn't bull, its a fact of life. its the same in real life!
  9. lol hahahahaahahha lol.. anyway good idea bit it would have to cost a lot.. i mean a lot!!!!
  10. F2P is lucky that rs isn't one of them "1 month" trial games. they get enough
  11. great idea thast for sure.. this is a idea that jagex would do
  12. JaGeX won't do a lot of things that are in the threads here. Yet, they are still up. The only reason I would stop is likely because this is a very unpopular idea here. Jagex doesn't listen to F2P'ers.. its so easy to see.. look at the More bank sapce thread.. its been going on from a year and a half but jagex doesn't care.. theres threads like that in every forum... but jagex seem to ignore it...
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