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  1. it's kind of unfortunate that a lot of members feel that way, einif. it doesn't affect you if ftp gets bank space so you shouldn't resent them if they do. there's plenty of other reasons why they shouldn't get bank space.
  2. hey everyone! sorry it's been so long since i updated this thing. i moved to a new apartment and haven't had internet for a while. anyways, i'm gonna go look over the last few pages of discussion now and post some of the opinions in the main post. thanks to everyone for keeping this thread going while i was gone! lauren
  3. tetris has no point at all. just wanna clear that up. and, as the proud owner of a wii, i agree that gameplay > graphics. i mean, i still play my n64 - not because the graphics are good (obviously, they're horrible by today's standards) but because the games (super smash bros, zelda: ocarina of time etc) are TONS OF FUN. and although this really has nothing to do with the article, i'd like to take this chance to say this: wii>360>ps3 and ds lite>psp s&l just sayin'.
  4. an irl friend by the name of raven9144... really amazing guy, great friend. became a pmod a few months ago (actually almost a year by now) he actually became kind of obsessive... when i met him i was lvl 61 and he was like 30 something... now i just quit at level 78 and he's almost lvl 100
  5. hm they're all very admirable and difficult to get but i'd say the easiest one to get is woodcutting because it's free - but it requires a lot of patience.
  6. 2gb max? for all of the millions of ftpers? i don't know that much about java programming but that can't possibly be right - that's like 50+ million bank spaces (12 spaces for 4-5 million people)
  7. yeah but you don't need to hold all that stuff at once! most people don't train all of those skills at once.
  8. lol just posting to say that i updated the main post once again.
  9. ahh well, hot topic is over. thanks to everyone who posted both in support and... um... un...support... of this thread!
  10. saradomin's army went crazy... from like 30 members to over 100! although after they did some pruning they went back down, but they still at least tripled in size. and df got pretty huge too.
  11. as i've stated multiple times, i AM ftp.
  12. hm i really don't think the diango/npc storage thing is ever gong to happen. because like sizzlor said, it would devalue the costume room (even if it only stored a few pieces). and prankster_king, i think you're a little out of your element here :mrgreen: :wink:
  13. one quick thing i wanna say about the animation: it's great. amazingly great. but his arm grows about five times thicker when he first reaches forward to dock (i think it's called docking... maybe it's nocking?) the arrow.
  14. This is a very accurate prediction, I believe. I never actually thought of that 0 sizzlor, I'm gonna add that to the main post, 'kay?
  15. oh, no, we didn't mean to criticize it. it looks nice and it's definitely way better than the one i currently have :o it seemed like you were saying something along the lines of "ftp wants more bank space so the autoers will have more space to hold the stuff they auto" but it was our bad for misinterpreting it. i put it in the first post and credited you!
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