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  1. The ingredients for each pouch should list the tertiary ingredient, not "pouch". As it stands, all pouches list "pouch" as a required item alongside the number of charms. Why not remove that and add something useful? Instead of (Pouch, Gold + 7), it should be (Wolf Bones, Gold + 7)- and so forth.
  2. Not reading 7 pages- I read the first page and skimmed the last. Jagex cited the law on unauthorized access, not on stolen property. Jagex only used the law against the hijackers for accessing the account unauthorized. They did not use the law because anything was stolen. So saying that they can't use the law here and not there isn't applicable here. They used X instance of the law, where X instance of the law only applies to the X incident. But you think they used Y instance of the law because of a Y incident, which definitely isn't the case. So no, they don't need to give anyone anything back. They can't reliably monitor all items at all times and all players to see what goes where and how it got there, so they just say no to everyone.
  3. I am. I just logged in last week to give away all my F2P stuff to random people. Believe it or not, it was hard to give it all away! Nobody wanted to trade with me. I thought I'd give the Blogscape section a browse-through and I saw this little gem- had to come say hi.
  4. That's gold, right there.. I would also like to add that everyone bots but me. I was training fletching at the bank and saw a bunch of bots stuck at the banking phase.. they just stood there for minutes on end! Obvious bots, man.
  5. Make up your mind, Jagex.. lol. I liked the old armour sets better.. they really stood out in the crowd. These just kind of.. blend in.
  6. Looks like your firecape is clipping a little bit through the Bandos Chestplate.. nothing major. :razz:
  7. I am a completely legitimate child, thank you.

  8. BAMP sucka gotchyoo again!

  9. Lame, I do the same L

    Well some tds now and then D:

  10. I just get on to check my GE offers, so I can ninja you real quick when you're online.

  11. No god damnit, where do you live boiiiiiiiii :Ddd

  12. You still haven't caught me online. :D

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