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  1. The name of your thread is called PC suggestion. This is the general part of the forums. There is also a suggestion part. You do the math.
  2. Why? What did they do for you? What did you do for them? Any pictures? Any stories?
  3. Discuss Best friends here [Mod Edit: I left this topic opened because it can go on for more, I see no reason to lock this ~misterxman]
  4. Recognition and personal satisfaction.
  5. Crazy? No. In need of mental health services. Yes.
  6. No buisness in your life, eh? Sir, explain to me why you have a public blog, about yourself, for the public to see? And salute to your father. =D>
  7. Congratulations on 99 Pest Control. Hehe, im just kidding. Still took plenty of time and effort. Your on your way to an amazing character. Good luck!
  8. You've made some great progress to your farming level. Its an ok looking cape, but one of the most desired. Shame im so far away from it. Best of luck.
  9. Its an ok looking cape. Very difficult skill, I haven't managed to get it to 99 yet. Best of luck, you'll be needing it.
  10. Can't say you don't deserve it, eh? If you allready have blackmarks, must mean your no saint. Many of them has been unreasonable, this for example. A joke between friends = perm mute. Weird, but I guess. Rules aren't made to fit your personal agenda, they are made for the sake of a better community. Obviously you aren't contributing to a better community if you getting black marks left and right. Other than that, good luck with your goals. Do you get some sort of sick pleasure from random flaming? Seriously, it's really childish kiddo Ah, so discussions are now prohibited on TIF? Message me if you have anything else to say. Respect the authors thread.
  11. So thats your response? As always, when a flamming idiot gets in a corner, they switch it in that manner. Lol.. :lol: Out of respect for the author, this is my last post responding to you. Give me a personal message to discuss our differences, please have some respect.
  12. But he doesn't have to flame, now does he? :wink: Its not a flame bro. Honestly, if you don't like what I have to say, confront me with it in a personal message, not on other peoples blogs.
  13. So thats your response? As always, when a flamming idiot gets in a corner, they switch it in that manner.
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