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  1. All I saw about suggestions was the "bugs and suggestions" forum but I figured that was suggestions on bugs. :shock: I'll wait for a mod to move it if necessary. The max hit thing is a good idea Btw. \
  2. To add to the changes in Pest Control, I was thinking that Jagex add an "Amount of damage done" highscores at the end of each game of PC. It would add a little bit of competition and maybe make the game more enjoyable.
  3. Oh yeah cause it always loads all the updates since the last time you logged in while it's loading up the log-in screen. I just realized something though... Someone's sig has the old nite's total exp from after he died but it's 300k exp higher now. Maybe his son?
  4. Because of Construction, 2079 + 1 level - 2080, but I don't get why he isn't 2081 (Hunter). Yeah that is kinda wierd... :-k Maybe Jagex locked his account out of respect...
  5. It takes months to mine and smith your own materials for 80-85 mining, buying the bars it'll take less than 2 weeks.
  6. I never met The Old Nite but he always has and always will be my idol...R.I.P. One thing that I don't understand is how he died at 2079 total but has 2080 right now?
  7. Yes they can but very rarely, a lot of people have posted that they were killed by them.
  8. I'd say go for it, I might be able to help you get that money back too. I'm goin for 85 mining so if I mine you rune and give it to you, you smith it and we split the profit 50-50. The higher your smithing gets,the more money we could each get...although I'd be losing a lot of money and I don't even know you that well... But you're the only person I've met with that goal...I guess I'd have to think about it...
  9. ^^I don't really understand what you meant by that post... maybe I'm just tired... I don't play 5 hours a day, usually only 2. The amount of money you make merchanting depends on how much you start out with. Anyway... I'm tired... goin to bed... night guys.
  10. All my accounts are named mobius (about 11 :lol: ) and one doomguard lol wth? I just started a Mobius clan with 6 other Mobius's that I've met over the years(it's not even a very common name).
  11. About 56 M a few months ago before I quit(I'm back now). I never waste it on rares though, although they do make me feel pretty. :lol:
  12. F2P merchanting on a good day 300-400k an hour. P2P merchanting about 900k-1.1 mil an hour. Mining-probably 100k/hour Rcing-about 160k/hour
  13. Lol I remember tellin my rl friend this a few years back and he wouldn't stop laughing.Lol lvl 1 spider by lumby. :oops: I had 1 hp and that was the first and only time I've ever seen a lvl 1 hit any damage. :lol:
  14. Well lets see... I've been playing for about 4 years now on and off... most of that time just spent hangin out with friends... if I add that in I'd say my character is a rough guess from 175-200 days old. :|
  15. Jagex did put it in the wilderness and it's still EXTREMELY easy and I honestly think people should stop complaining about being pked there. Although I do understand part of their problem abyss pkers are just taking advantage of people that are skulled and defenceless.
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