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  1. two monocles is actually three times better than one
  2. Whether you're an atheist or a theist has nothing to do with this, at all. Gravity doesn't affect Christians!
  3. So what do I do in here? /looks around--------grabs waterballoon and college made beer slingshot. Stuffs a rabid lemure in waterballoon. Pulls back and releases in air.....................FOOOOOOOOOOM Runs out of forum. [RP THREAD]
  4. Long ago. The end and I was totally like "no way anyone would believe this story cause it's full of awesomeness and juice" and the cops were like "GET READY TO BE [censored] BY THE LONG [bleep] OF THE LAW!" and I was like "woah, I know kung-fu. Alright I'll talk" Long ago in the distant land of the Weiss Castles where the sliding burgermeisters lived, there was the plucky little ninja named bob. Bob was like "I'm a ninja, bish" and everyone around town said "kk, less qq more pew pew" and Bob was like "flip my switch and watch me go whirrrrrrrrrrr" One day the pirate ship sailed down the street, and Super Pirate Dog looked at everyone and said "Yo I'm a pirate, and you are all my hydrants so get ready for the piss", and the townsfolk were all "omg wtf?" All except Bob the plucky ninja, he was like "If I defeat the pirate, I'll get lots of sex" So Bob jumped onto the ship using a trampoline, and was all "I am here to kill you Bob" and Bob was like "I don't see no guitar s0n, your kung-fu is weak, now leave or I'll pretend I'm in heat" Bob was all "oh man" and he left. Bob travled for 9 days and 12 nights till he found the sacred guitar of whammy and he was so happy that trees burst INTO FLAMES, and the guy at the 7-11 started to hump the slushie machine. Bob came back to the dog pirate who was busy burying his bone, and was all "I'm back", and the pirate was all "Oh noez" and Bob wailed on the guitar REALLY HARD, and Pirate Dog started crapping all over himself until he exploded. Bob was then like "High Score" and the townsfolk were happy and Bob was all like "Can I has teh sex now?" and the townsfolk said "NO U" and bob was sad, and a warehouse started on fire. The End
  5. The first person to find the secret of this thread wins.
  6. I normally switch the quote in my sig out everytime someone says something epic win type, but lately people have beenÃÆââââ¬Å¡Ã¬Ãâæ disturbingly relevant. Someone say something so awesome I can put it in my sig.
  7. And who are we to say that if he did it, he would have done it instantly?
  8. Yes, it is another Christianity thread. And it's here because in all the topics I've read, people are mistaking Christians for eitherthe rabid creationists who are desperately trying to prove that the earth is 6000 years old or Catholics who don't even know what they're supposed to believe. An example, from another topic - That's right. The baby might not have lived to his life's fullest potential. But what happens to him? He never accepted Jesus, so is he really a Christian, which they believe will go to heaven? And that's the whole point of Jesus' death. [Note - I'm not trying to force this on you. The following is the belief of Christians, so take it as you will.] When he died for these humans that he created, he gave us that ability to be able to go to heaven. BUT WAIT! Creation didn't just happen like that! God didn't just MAKE Adam and Eve! And there lies the difference between creationism and intelligent design. Intelligent design shares with evolutionism the theory that life came from self-replicating RNA molecules which formed from amino acids. That process has been proven and reproduced TODAY, by the way. Sure, many creationists completely reject the idea of the Big Bang. But even if it DID happen, who are we to say that God didn't want to create the earth over millions/billions of years?
  9. Bones_Zero

    Dear Tipit

    I was at work thinking of clouds and happy one-eyed ponies when a female co-worker grabbed my [censored] and said "I want to [censored] you like BERSERKER!" I stared blankly for a moment, then sat the building on fire, and suplexed a postal worker into a tree. That night a squirrel ran across the roof of a house and a plane crashed. Was this the right thing to do?
  10. This isn't against the rules, but don't expect any praise for your mad 1447 pk skillz.
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