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  1. Burthorpe it...? Oh, well um gee... I though you go back to the person who you got the task from and if it wasn't given at that guy in Burthorpe...Then it's changeable... :oops:
  2. I bet the ones with "new stakers" drop trade. :shame:
  3. If they put ads on, it bloody well better not be on Nickelodeon or disney channel! :ohnoes:
  4. It's over 9000 is a internets meme, if you don't know what that is, i'm not explaining.
  5. OMGZ SUBLIMINAL MESSAGES OMG!!!111!11eleventyshift!!11!
  6. The Goblins you speak of shall be more powerful! It says that the monsters were frozen in time. In the Goblin races book from Death To Dorgeshuun, it says that the goblins from the third age were more powerful and organized. Another page says that "sketchy record that have survived from the third age..." That is proof that there were goblins then, and if JaGex say that there are goblins involved, then there will be 3rd Age Goblins in the God Wars dungeon! It also say that goblins were used as footsoldiers to fight other Gods, and that their armour was also more powerful. (3rd Age Goblin mail: cross your fingers.)
  7. Sorry, but this has been done. It even has it's own sticky. It's called " Post all RS related screenshots here."
  8. Yes, It was a well written rant, shame it was graffitied by such paint scribble. Yeah, it's called textboxes!
  9. OMG yes. I wish they'd do that. :thumbsup:
  10. :-k :-k :-kI saw that one. It was uber funny.
  11. Yeah, I am so bloody sick of that. I ask a guy where the hell he got the money from, he waits a minute and says. Pking. Yeah, 'cause every level 30 carries furies and party hats in the wilderness. And if they say staking? Where did they get the money from first?
  12. Why didn't you just edit your first post instead of double posting?
  13. Just brilliant how my membership ran out 4 days ago.
  14. Pool's closed. Due to AIDS, desu desu desu desu.
  15. I've met Herbaman twice. Well seen, as he never talked to me.
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