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  1. Where are you getting 'Mahjarrat made' from? That one quote... forgot what it said... My theory: You dress up in those robes, which are evil and have the autum orange color on it, and ally with the monks (brothers) who aren't actually evil, (as said by one of 'em) to fight something...? Whatever... it's gonna be a HUGE quest anyway...
  2. What if it's a prayer alter? (Dun Dun DUN!)
  3. That is English, you pusillanimous abomination. :wink: Again in English? yup Basically, it means you suck. =) OT: Almost everyone does combat to move up the ranks of being looked at by others: 1-9 Newb 10-19 Goblin Basher 20-29 Cow Slaughterer 30-39 Spider Fighter 40-49 Pest Exterminator (PC Nub FTW!) 50-59 Scorpion 60-69 Moss Giant Berserker 70-79 Ogre Masher 80-89 Demon Beater (Me!) 90-99 Dragon Slayer 100+ God Wars Master
  4. Temporarily closed, will be on vacation, will do anything when I get back.
  5. Yeah, but melee'rs can use dhide and have very little difference, mages can't do squat in anything but robes.
  6. I think it's finnally time for mages to get some new spells, max is like, what, 25? Ranged is 40~ with d bow spec, Melee is 72 on other people? Disadvanteged pl0x?
  7. ZOMGYAYFORMEIMHAPPYBBQTIMELETSGOPARTY! ... yay! Go JaGex! I'm glad they're finally just banning and not talking about it! So, what will they do after they ban all thwe autoers?
  8. *GASPS LOUDLY* Do you wanna sell me a pair for a Torag's helm, rune plate, legs, and kite? =) (seriously) Good job though!
  9. if they get to 400k, I'm seling my stuff to buy some.
  10. Hope you like it Iron Chef! [img=http://i174.photobucket.com/albums/w109/Finalflame13/CWARSSIG2-1.jpg]
  11. Cheap no honor skating anyone? Hide your GS and stake 50 mil and use the zammy handle secial, freeze em, run back and kill with D Bow with D arrows? Maybe? Dunno... try it!
  12. Hows it over powered, if your lvl 80 and fighting some one with 95 str thats holding a godsword you DESERVE to be killed. If you're fighting someone with a GS you deserve to be killed PERIOD. He can 2 hit ANYONE!!! ZOMFGZORZBBQOFDOOMITSCRAZYMANIMASKURREDRUNAWAY!!! ...WOW!!!
  13. I just realized, mages got screwed over again with this update, melee and ranged both get new armors, melee gets new boots and the godsword, Z Spear, and the S Sword, while mage gets ONLY a staff... :evil:
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