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  1. Last visit was: Thu Oct 18, 2007 2:00 pm Hopefully that sums it up, but if it doesn't, I have stopped playing Runescape, and I have neglected my Guide. I hope most of what I have put is still useable, and that everyone can profit from my guide. I put TONS of time into making it, and it was my "swan song" of things I have done in Runescape. I loved the game, but unfortonatly, I do not have the time to make the $5 a month worthwhile, and I no longer have the drive to keep playing. So, I will re-post my guide (whihc I found out went down because I was emailed with PM notifications, thanks to the two of you who informed me). I will NOT be updating my guide, mostly because I no longer have any idea what I am talking about, but I hope you can all take what I have written and use it for your advantage. Have fun, play hard and raise Herblore \
  2. FF3 on the DS is my fav And Super Paper Mario is the best Mario game ever creted IMO
  3. I tried to play gods of time but when I logged in and clicked on mage class, it logged me back t the front page
  4. I agree, I don't respect people AS MUCH if they have a fletching or cooking cape, but they still had enough patience to sit around for hours and fours clicking stuff for that cape, and at some points thye had to have made some money, so ya Right now im going for a fishing cape, my first one, and it takes a lot of work (catching monks) to keep myself motivated. Once I do fish enough, im going to cook most of them for 99 cooking, but will anyone respect that I fished for 99 cooking? I doubt it, but if I rpudly wear my 99 fishing cape and show my 90k monks, I think someone somewhere will find it amazing how people can last that long.
  5. Those videos are amazing, its cool how you have to attack the smash ball. It also showed the 3rd tier of castle seige, a large lava pit
  6. Ok, most of us know about the E for All Brawl demo, and some person on the smash world forums (google it) made this petition Click here Go to make signature, put in your name (any name really) your email (you can probably lie about this) and any comments Thanks in advance
  7. Well I think Ridley is impressive, but not the best. Ghoma is a constant, a pretty good boss. Bowser battles are normally easy, I don't know why... I would have to say my favorite villan ever is...Im sorry I just can't come up with a good one...I'll think about and edit my post later
  8. Ill put in my Wii ID latter today, im to lazy to look for it now 8-)
  9. I can't remember where I heard that, but I think ti comes out early next year, but I didn't hear anything about a cooking system, that shoudl be cool.
  10. Kid Icaris for NES, if you miss your landing (platformer FYI) by a few pixls, your dead Also, DKC, again you have to get your jumps perfect or your dead
  11. The origanal had 12 characters, with only 8 availible from the start And you should all join my team that has a few people from the nintendo forums, here is a sig [img=http://i201.photobucket.com/albums/aa56/lavamage/teambrawl.png]
  12. Besides pac man, I would say Galaga wehich I got for my Wii, other than that probably the origanal Mario
  13. This was stupid but in the first Metroid prime, I would (and am) always on my toeas because the eneimies come from no where. Once I was in the Phendrana drifts, coming out a of a save station. I started walking and you hear this scream from a baby skooth thing, I turn around (and you turn around so slowly...ugh...) and this skooth is jamming its head into me, its teeth exposed and that just scared the crap out of me (If you don't know what a skooth is, think of a 5-6 foot tall T Rex with ice [bleep]es coming out of its back) And the levles in the Pirate base where you had to use your heat vision. The enimeies just came from no where and stuff...
  14. you and i should both be relieved because..... ICE CLIMBERS ARE BACK!!!!!!!! \ double teaming without cheating FTW WOOOOOT!!!!!! :D :D kinda funny since they gave the update about them the day after i said that. I love the ice climbers in classic mode I beat the whole thing in like 6 minutes and Master Hand is 20 seconds with them The ice climbers are my main, I love that they have made it back into the frey! Hey, these are some amazing Melee vidoes from 2006 NYC Championship!
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