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  1. :shock: Nice to the person with 92 Crafting and to the person with 97, gl for 99
  2. [hide=Level Up][/hide] Not that big of an accomplishment for some, but I'm quite excited.
  3. ^ lol the same thing happen with me except I killed a random man, and I got a clue so I was doing it, it was like 3 steps but I was disappointed because the time before i got a white beret and all I got was this wizard hat(g) only 25k (I was contemplating alchin it) which when I sold it on GE it was like 550k. lol
  4. She Wants Revenge- She Will Always Be a Broken Girl
  5. I don't think I knew there was more then just Saradomin and Zamorak until like a year of playing till I found out about Guthix and I didn't find out that there were any other gods for like three years or something lol
  6. Your not suppose to worship anything but God, people confuse prayer for the intercession of saints with the worship of them. But ya, i can't see you would bother praying/worshipping/wateva at a water-stain -.- some people are just weirdz
  7. Why would you have gotten suspended for carrying a replica of DeathNote?
  8. I ignore the fact it costs 200 coins for a gold ring but 100,000 coins for a beret -.- Edit: Oh and I also ignore the music; when I use to be new I had it play in the background and I didn't pay attention, now I just have it off while my iPod supplies me with audio entertainment :P
  9. I remember finally almost beating Sephiroth in Kingdom Heart (I) after many attempts, I was like one hit away from killing me and I got hit :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil:
  10. It's an honor to you for me to even acknowledge such ignorance as that. I'm a good Christian, church every sunday, prayer daily, etc. and I can listen to whatever the hell I want. But I don't know any Christian metal bands, cause they usually sound pretty bad. My on friend gave me a link to like a Death Metal christian band, you wouldn't be able to tell theyre singing about Jesus if you hadn't read the lyrics.
  11. Um I think alot of thieving stuff has stayed the same (animations, etc.) I prefer the orginial RS2 graphics though to these new ones because that's what I remember Runescape as.
  12. When I get bored in school I doodle in the margin of my notebook, once my friend who asked to see my notes was like amazed by the pattern because I like to generally keep my doodles symmeterical. It's easy my type of doodling because I can stop to take notes (or pretend to) or answer a question or something and then continue where I left off since I have the other side for reference.
  13. Thank you. My friend told me about websites you can use to do so though, and another friend of mine said if you can rip on ur comp then you can do any dvd, is this true? And another thing, if you have a dvd that you made yourself, since it doesn't have copyright protection, can you put tht on your iPod?
  14. 1. Please tell me your favourite song/band so I can look them up because I always like listening to new things (I basically listen to everything minus rap and hip hop, and I mean everything, arabic music, tectonik, classical, viking metal to name a few genre :P) 2. If you have the dvd of a movie, can you put tht on your iPod and if so how?
  15. I believe being what you actually are is important. People who attempt to act different around people (or normal in some cases) are being liars to themselves and society. True potential can be achievable through being "weird". A weird person is possiblely a genius in the making. I for one am greatly liked amongst my peers if I don't say so myself, and I'm watch you would call eccentric but it's "entertaining and yet I probably learn more from you then a teacher". By combining many ideologies and cultures, I have become a very unique individual which great leadership and learning abilities. Different is not bad, infact revolutions are started by that "eccentric" one. Off-topic off-topic: Woo finally back from the shadows, haven't posted in like forever :P
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