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  1. Good, [bleep] yeah, about time light got thrown off its little pedestal of whatever. Anything's possible, suck it Einstein.
  2. Please explain. That real life is crazy? Watch this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W6tB8Lf7YoU People do this. Those are airplanes. I'd be nervous if I was that close to other cars. Oh, and look up Percy Harrison Fawcett. His adventures were less of the videogame variety, and shows you how shocking reality is, but they were adventures nonetheless. Or, do some reading into the life of Vladimir Putin. Now, National Treasure is kind of a silly example. I cannot speak for Uncharted (isn't that basically a handsome videogame Indiana Jones?). But there is crazy stuff out there.You just gotta find it. And deal with all the piles of [cabbage] that follow adventurers. For another example of crazy stuff that exists (I'm going with the work people do I guess, these are just examples that come to my mind): this guy does stuff with motorcycles. So maybe archaeology is boring. Maybe. Or maybe it's really all kicking ass and dinosaurs and boobies booby traps!
  3. I'm sure stuff like this has happened. It wouldn't be as glamorous, to be sure, but real life is often more insane than fiction.
  4. The differences between where I live and the East Coast amaze me. I guess because there's so much wind and so little rain here already, plants and trees must take a tighter hold in the ground, as one article about Irene claimed general winds of 33 mph, gusts of 47 mph. That's average wind in the spring here. However, 7 inches of rain would probably flood this place beyond all recognition. Very interesting.
  5. C'mon, just because you're closer to the water than me doesn't mean you can't feel the wildfires still going strong. Good luck to y'all over on the east coast. I can't really understand hurricanes, maybe since I'm used to tornadoes. Just one column of wind rather than a wave. And that kind of rain sounds crazy, it floods here with an inch and a half. This dang hurricane is postponing a talk I need to have with my admissions officer. Still, I'd rather have to wait and everyone be fine than anyone else get hurt.
  6. I have always wanted to eat a raw egg.
  7. That isn't really that hipstery of an outfit.
  8. I always found a watch with a large face makes your wrists look bigger.
  9. You can start with a Timex field watch. No more than $30 on Amazon, good enough to last a couple years. Real simple, usually customizable as far as the band goes, and if you decide you're not a watch guy, no big loss. Of course, if you end up really liking watches, better start saving for your new obsession!
  10. I like the belt! And white shoes might look kind of a strange on a young fella, but swagger around with them anyway.
  11. I'm nervous now because I'm preparing to audition for a musical, even though I'm not much of a singer. Everyone expects me to be the lead. Guess I won't worry about it until after auditions. I always just pushed through any fear. Which there will be - anyone who says otherwise is lying.
  12. Here it's either cowboy boots or flip-flops. (that's a bit of an exaggeration, the frat boys have totally ruined boat shoes for me)
  13. I have a pair of very red 511's cut off into shorts. Oh my god I love them. They were my friend's, so the size is actually really nice (waist is 32, I usually wear a 30). And they're red as [bleep]. I wore them today. Wore them so hard.
  15. Just different Levi's cuts. I think those are all skinny cuts.
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