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  1. Hey it's Tbf. I've been enjoying Runescape since December 05. Made a few friends here and there, got my levels up and whatnot. But after two years I started to play less and not get my skills up. I just liked to merchant on the Grand Exchange, so I was only on Runescape about 30 minutes a week, I was also free play during this time. I made a good friend and trusted him, and last night I guess he cracked into my account and transfered 18M of the 30mil I had accumulated on my account. It's not really a lot but it's kind of hard to swallow because I've been working a year for it. And I have no one to blame but myself for this happening. I'm not asking for sympathy here or anything but just rate my account based on a light Runescape player. Attack and Woodcut were always my favorite skills, but never got 99. By the way, I got a month of free members thanks to that friend :P. Maybe I'll be back on, but right now I don't plan on on playing in the near future. Have a good one, thanks. :) The items are my gold, old castle wars tickets and my beloved egg rings. 104 combat by the way.
  2. Tbfgraphx14


    Today, is my birthday. That's pretty much it. :
  3. http://digitaljournal.com/article/265402 Here's the story, although you don't get much more info out of it, but you can read the comments.
  4. You'd sell if in an instant for a briefcase of 100 thousand dollars. Don't tell me your account's priceless. :geek: I seriously wouldn't take 1000 billion for my account, not because I care about it that much, but because I could care less about money sometimes :P So the above phrase IS NOT an accurate description about how much I value my account. But to be honest, I don't know how much my account is really worth to me... You wouldn't give your Runescape account for a trillion dollars (1000 billion as you said)? [wagon]. Who needs a trillion dollars anyways? And where would you get it too? Anyways If it came down to it, I'd give up my account for a smooth $500 8-)
  5. Try "Rate This" Near the Blog Forum. Don't worry about your progress over a week or two, it doesn't really matter 8-) You'll be fine I'm sure.
  6. Same thing here, although I never did the event, :|
  7. I don't think you can die from too much talking. :lol:
  8. 0 got changed to have a line through it to prevent confusion with the letter o. The shadow behind text has been changed various times.
  9. That's wrong. The timer is very trustworthy. For example, my bank pin was reset after axactly 3 days on the exact minute (cause I got hacked I had to reset my pin). Same goes with lending. Never felt like the timer does the wrong thing. They might be the "fast seconds" you see in the party room, and there's 100 quick seconds to every minute. Just for the logout timer. :-k
  10. I am free play so by default my respawn point is lumbridge. I just had a month of members and my cool members gear is still on, so I am hoping that I do not die and lose it. :lol:
  11. People panic when they see red or a drop in price. Everyone tries to go sell their item. All you have to do is not be apart of that panic, and just wait until the item starts to raise again. Assuming it will raise again. Checking the history of the item often helps too.
  12. It's very fun here, especially OT. It may take awhile to get a large post count, but make sure all of your posts are constructive. :lol:
  13. I was wondering how many things are still untouched by the numerous graphics updates through the pass years that Jagex has had. I'm pretty sure the report abuse screen is still original and hasn't been changed. I heard there were also a few NPCs left unchanged. Screenshots are welcome. :) Now that I see it, the close button has changed. So maybe I am wrong :lol:
  14. Just wondering if it was one or two. Or many somthing different. 8-)
  15. Ahhhhhh! I cannot sell/buy on Grand Exchange without being disconected! I reported it to Jagex.
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