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  1. Because they may not like combat. They may find quests and combat un-enjoyable. If you don't like something, why do it? I'm not saying they need to be level 138 with 277 quest points all they have to do is do a simple quest which requires to kill a level like 10 -.- then they could unlock hundreds more ways to train... its obvious the reason they are so low isn't due to dont like to train the skills or do the quests because it takes 10mins to do quest and like a month to get wc or somut Exactly. Dont say you dont like combat. Even someone absolutely detests combat wouldent mind putting in a few minutes to get 10 att, str, def, pray for quests that offer better places to train. Your dont hate combat, you just want to be another super cool :? skiller with no experience in combat.
  2. ty for making little Timmy's wish come true!
  3. If there are not any stores near you that sell them, try walking down to a local bank and asking them to convert your local currency to US dollars, then send it in the mail.
  4. Aww dang missed that in the rules :x Dear TIF Mods, My name is little Timmy. Today is my birthday. If I could have anything in the world it would be for you to allow my non-runescape related topic to stay. Please find it in your big hearts to grant my wish. signed, Little Timmy
  5. Many of you have probably heard the saying, "thats like comparing apples to oranges". Example: player 1: Platebody pwns nature runes! player 2: dude, thats like comparing apples to oranges Well, now I would like to hear some serious discussion on which is better. ~Apples~ or ~Oranges~ Things to consider: ~Oranges tend to have a lower pH then apples; making them slighlty more acidic ~Any apple can be eaten without worrying chewing about seeds ~An apple a day keeps the doctor away ~Apples bruise easier then you can crack and egg ~Orange is the world's third favorite flavour ~The average person eats 65 apples per year ~25% an apple's volume is air ~China produces more apples than any other country ~Johny AppleSeed = pretty well known guy, and apparently a bit of a jackass ~Johny OrangeSeed = not so much ~The taste of an orange can change with it's position on a tree ~Oranges do not contain worms :thumbup:
  6. Seriously? ... :? Seriously? ... :( This troll is a joke.
  7. Does a clan need a website, or is it usually just for looking good? Would forums be fine? If you post yes please say why. Thanks :)
  8. Don't make fun of his spelling, because your grammar and punctuation is as bad. 54-57 should only cost a few k. Serums are some of the best ways to train herblore at low levels. I should only be like 300k or so... Yes im clearly making fun :?... its called cc bud. My spelling? I leave out a few apostrophes. Sue me.
  9. Herbalore? 1. Its herblore 2. Welcome to tip.it 3. Check your spelling before posting 4. Getting the herbs yourself and pouring own vials of water could save money
  10. +1. Very nice indeed =D> I know what you mean about the eight hours a day. I sometimes get like that in the summer, and I still have time for parties and such.
  11. Terraaer

    Rant Forum

    No. It really isnt ;) Yes I, and most people will understand your logic.
  12. Scimmy is better in most situations, such as training, but it is true that long is underated. If i do recall correctly, 99 str can hit around 40s with spec, and is accurate. There was a pker who sometimes used a dlong and was very cool. I mahatma I - I believe
  13. Terraaer

    Rant Forum

    I hate when people rant about things that are not in fact logical to rant about, and they are just angry because they lost pixels. Ex: Blah Blah died doing something stupid. If i had thought the entire situation through, i could have completely avoided it. Blah Blah #-o Post your opinion please
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