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  1. Hi so I haven't played in a while but I noticed that there was this new (sp) and (or) things. Anyway it seems as if you can make a dragon full helm (sp) but there isn't that item listed in the item list. Just thought I'd point that out! Huge Brain
  2. Hey, its been a while. While looking at the holiday item guide for this year I noticed the question about spinach rolls being rare and seemed to remember that there was a man who sold them next to the moss giants in ardougne. the guy who sells dragon daggers... Anyway Merry Christmas! Huge Brain
  3. Yes, a baby that never grows out of the need of your care and affection. :)
  4. I've never heard of alt tab training... With such a huge brain I am extremely intrigued. You sure your not breaking some rule with that?
  5. I would buy one, but I doubt there'll be an easy way for me to do so. And for that reason, I probably won't. what would be your issue?
  6. Is your account worth enough to you for you to buy one of those anti-hack things for $30?
  7. tasy was just a spelling error right?... or is there some dirty reference I don't get?
  8. :lol: You'd sell it for a rather large sum of money. I agree with 3rkid. Just because your price might be high certainly doesn't mean you don't have one. And I don't mind if you want to wait a few years so you can get the max amount of enjoyment out of your account before you sell it because it certainly won't feel priceless forever.
  9. Runescapew44 asked Mod MMG, it was an insane amount of hours Rsw44 had on his account. That was 3 months ago(that was ~6700 hours back then) I'm sure I'm well over 7000 hours now :oops: They do plan to make total play time viewable to everyone soon so everyone can know then :P But as for how much I'd sell my account for I don't think I would but you never know what you'll do if you get offered something like 10 grand. Hehehe thats scary, 7k for you, judging by xp alone id be close to 10k hours, thats like a year of pure runescape! awsome! Impressive stats!!!!! you should train your hunter though because compared to your other stats its quite low at 67 lol. I suggest catching chimis but i'm no expert at 55 hunting. p.s. a year of pure runescape is scary..... i hope you started your account the very first day because if you spent that much time in anything less than that amount there's got to be something wrong lol. p.p.s. unless you cheated....
  10. [/hide] I'm responding to both of your posts even tho I didn't quote the first...but while you bring up many very good points, you don't seem to realize that the same could be said for anything in life that's not a necessity. Time spent on Rs is no different than time spent at the movies with friends or sitting down playing cards. Yes, there is a difference. Time spent at the movies or sitting down playing cards is socializing with real people. Time spent alone on RuneScape isn't socializing and slowly crumbles your social skills and confidence. Really? Mine have both skyrocketed in my time on Runescape. I could be the only one, but maybe not. Not the only one if you include me. :D
  11. mirrorforced wasn't already on there? could of sworn he was lol. congrats all
  12. Plawks? Planks=? Even with my huge brain I couldn't figure out what plawks really is supposed to mean.... (Please)?
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