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  1. ok let me add that i do not need MONEY from monsters!!!! just fast xp! i have other sources of making money
  2. bumb! cmon more suguestions, my slayer task is horrible nad gives such slow xp !
  3. Hello, so currently i'm 70 attk 65 str 70 D and i need to know a place that I can get some str lvls quickly, atm i was training on rock crabs but there slowly getting boring and lower xp per hour. so basically i would like someone to tell me where i can get 65 to 90? strenght multiple options would be amazing and where the NPC is located!!! ty!!!
  4. how do u get to do that thing? system restore i cant do ANYTHING related to accessing my desktop. no taskmanger nothing
  5. Hey as of this morning when ever i log into my account on vista on my laptop.. my screen just goes black and I can't do anything... I left it on for like 3 hours and still nothing happend... I cant access my desktop at all... i've tried safe mode but it still does the same thing.. Also, i would not like to format it because I have not done a backup and I cannot afford to lose some of my documents... Please any help would be amazing :) ty
  6. currently i'm at 57 str, and have 62 cb, 45 def, 45 attk... can someone suguest me where i can go to get 70 str fairly quickly ty :) and if this helps i have 51 mage and 51 range and 35 prayer, ty
  7. where can i get obby short sword ?
  8. 1) Best place to get the low lvl herbs? essentially starting herbing from lvl 3 2) I read the summon guide on this website but tbh it doesnt make any sense to me.. can someone summarize it in a few sentences XD 3) Fishing? where should i fish at lvl 50 4) Training str from 45+ 5) Agility training? (lvl 1) , and finally thieving (lvl 1) TY!!!!!!!!!! so much :DDD p.s i'm such a noob as u can tell, but hey everyone was / is at one point :P
  9. Am i doing well? This new acc was created on Jan. 19. today is the 26th so nearly 1 week and this is my progress: Comment please :D
  10. ya this quest calculator doenst seem to be working =\
  11. wat about some quests that gve me some xp towards other skills? attk range def str mage w/e any of those i could do mayb?
  12. 1 ) where can i gather a lot of the low lvl herbs that i need 2) where can i train to 40/50/40 skills? from 30/30/30 ! 3 ) some imporant quests for me to do around my lvl? ty in advance!
  13. nope not a pure this is my new main can someone tell me where i can train mem around 35-40 str up till 60 and same deal with attk and def... ive never been mem so idk where the monsters are... and same deal with fishing and wc'ing. lvl 1 in each starting out >.> I'd say first and foremost, for fishing, get to fly fishing levels. do this in either shilo village or barb village. shilo requires shilo village quest. either that or try big net fishing, in catherby. get to lvl 50-60 fish before bothering with lobsters. fish these in catherby until you can fish lobs in the fishing guild. woodcutting? hands down, lvl 30, head to seers village. this is near willow, which are hugely fast xp.' and for cash? head to the church near there with 3 or 4 yew treees. bonus. combat? well i like al kharid guards. they have sexy amounts of herb drops. these herbs sell on grand exchange at minimum prices for mucho moneys. rock crabs, yaks, and experiements are also noteworthy. find these using the beastiary guide on tip.it. linked here ----> http://www.tip.it/runescape/?rs2monster any other questions let me know there a bank that i can deposit the logs? near the seers village?
  14. tbh risking 64m in pvp is dumb but thats just my 2 cents =\
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