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  1. I assure you its not the cpu fan i have replaced that before and even removed it for a few seconds and the noise is still there, im betting the psu fan is faulty then :/ . anyone guide me to a nice 500+ watt psu? and willing to spend like £40-50
  2. Im pretty sure they are up to date.... Is it worth buying a silent PSU? How many watts would i need?
  3. I have a fairly decent pc imo.... NVIDIA 9400 gt 4gb of RAM AMD Athlon Duel Core processor 5200+ 2.7GHz 500w PSU Everytime i open runescape my computer sounds like its going to blow up, its realy bad. Im not extremly computer literate, but i do know that the graphics card draws power from the PSU. From my understanding i have a half decent graphics card so it should be able to run it fine :S. Is it my pile of **** PSU? Tbh i have no idea, hoping someone can help. Thanks.
  4. Wooot 15 mill range exp \ couldnt get it exactly -.-
  5. with my stats, what would be the cheapest, yet best style for me to pk with? latley i been just going with rune, with whip and dds ect ect... I wonderd if range would be better? But ive never realy pked with range so i dont know how effective it would be. Thanks
  6. I have 9 mill to my name atm :/ I need a good money investment. I was thinking full guthans set to go gwd with. And mabe do alot of bandos tanking to make some cash back. would this be a wise investment? Im aiming for about 20 mill ish -.- Thanks
  7. This looks err..... good :thumbsup: But please...... explain to me what it is .....
  8. Whut the eff is fraps :wall:
  9. Hai this is going to be a kinda nooby question to ask but here goes... When printscreen runescape and try to open it in photoshop, it always comes up realy small and crap quality.(these are high def screenshots) Am i saving them as the wrong type of image? Help would be great :^o :|
  10. Awsome pure:D 10/10 Dont mind me saying.. How you make cash? You have no skilling stats.
  11. Ok i have this acc that has around 60 str, 60 att, 50 range, and like 39 pray. As im looking to make a pure, i was wondering what i could do to this acc to make it an effective pker. Please do not say 'start over' as im asking what to do to IMPROVE this acc. Thanks =] P.S money shal not be a problem, it started out as a skiller:)
  12. Thanks xD Might aswell lock now
  13. Is their anyway you can get the training bow back? Need it for an outfit:L
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