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  1. Hey it's Tbf. I've been enjoying Runescape since December 05. Made a few friends here and there, got my levels up and whatnot. But after two years I started to play less and not get my skills up. I just liked to merchant on the Grand Exchange, so I was only on Runescape about 30 minutes a week, I was also free play during this time. I made a good friend and trusted him, and last night I guess he cracked into my account and transfered 18M of the 30mil I had accumulated on my account. It's not really a lot but it's kind of hard to swallow because I've been working a year for it. And I have no one to blame but myself for this happening. I'm not asking for sympathy here or anything but just rate my account based on a light Runescape player. Attack and Woodcut were always my favorite skills, but never got 99. By the way, I got a month of free members thanks to that friend :P. Maybe I'll be back on, but right now I don't plan on on playing in the near future. Have a good one, thanks. :) The items are my gold, old castle wars tickets and my beloved egg rings. 104 combat by the way.
  2. Tbfgraphx14


    Today, is my birthday. That's pretty much it. :
  3. http://digitaljournal.com/article/265402 Here's the story, although you don't get much more info out of it, but you can read the comments.
  4. You'd sell if in an instant for a briefcase of 100 thousand dollars. Don't tell me your account's priceless. :geek: I seriously wouldn't take 1000 billion for my account, not because I care about it that much, but because I could care less about money sometimes :P So the above phrase IS NOT an accurate description about how much I value my account. But to be honest, I don't know how much my account is really worth to me... You wouldn't give your Runescape account for a trillion dollars (1000 billion as you said)? [wagon]. Who needs a trillion dollars anyways? And where would you get it too? Anyways If it came down to it, I'd give up my account for a smooth $500 8-)
  5. Try "Rate This" Near the Blog Forum. Don't worry about your progress over a week or two, it doesn't really matter 8-) You'll be fine I'm sure.
  6. Same thing here, although I never did the event, :|
  7. I don't think you can die from too much talking. :lol:
  8. 0 got changed to have a line through it to prevent confusion with the letter o. The shadow behind text has been changed various times.
  9. That's wrong. The timer is very trustworthy. For example, my bank pin was reset after axactly 3 days on the exact minute (cause I got hacked I had to reset my pin). Same goes with lending. Never felt like the timer does the wrong thing. They might be the "fast seconds" you see in the party room, and there's 100 quick seconds to every minute. Just for the logout timer. :-k
  10. I am free play so by default my respawn point is lumbridge. I just had a month of members and my cool members gear is still on, so I am hoping that I do not die and lose it. :lol:
  11. People panic when they see red or a drop in price. Everyone tries to go sell their item. All you have to do is not be apart of that panic, and just wait until the item starts to raise again. Assuming it will raise again. Checking the history of the item often helps too.
  12. It's very fun here, especially OT. It may take awhile to get a large post count, but make sure all of your posts are constructive. :lol:
  13. I was wondering how many things are still untouched by the numerous graphics updates through the pass years that Jagex has had. I'm pretty sure the report abuse screen is still original and hasn't been changed. I heard there were also a few NPCs left unchanged. Screenshots are welcome. :) Now that I see it, the close button has changed. So maybe I am wrong :lol:
  14. Just wondering if it was one or two. Or many somthing different. 8-)
  15. Ahhhhhh! I cannot sell/buy on Grand Exchange without being disconected! I reported it to Jagex.
  16. Wow they finally went through and got out all of that annoying stuff. Well most of it anyways. They are thinking now...I like that.
  17. So here's the Q and A [hide=Q and A]1. How long did it take to write the whole novel? When did you start? (Virus 32, Uber Frost, Mrskull01, Justcute4u, Roy Hoops, Evil Yanks, Sumner94, Thelioness O, Markstevetom, I def nub I, Bonthesaler) The first draft of the book took me six months to write. I set myself a simple goal: 1,000 words per day, commencing in early January 2007. That often meant putting off social engagements, getting up many hours before work, and frequently continuing into the small hours. Once the first draft was complete, I cut it down (initially it was 190,000 words but I reduced it to 140,000 in only a few short weeks!). 2. Will there be sequel to the Betrayal at Falador, or will there be a RuneScape Book Series by you? (Sailorscoutx, Rune Play 100, Camoninja12, The Hearach, 2monkeyboyz, Hamsterking5, Chillyzz2, Evil Yanks, Bigb4199, Orcpat, GK2011, Dame Dude 56, Krash108, Marceno2, Darkmagic76, Kakapoipoop, Satan Devil4, Migy Matty, Cheatochurch, Boridelf, Matt5327, Matthew Swor, Coin197, Bobvpl, King Man543, Querty30111) There is a planned sequel(s)! In fact, once I have finished answering your questions then I am going straight back to it. Can I give away any spoilers? If you have read Betrayal at Falador then you will have a good idea of where it will start. But it will be darker than the first, answering questions regarding the true origin of one of the heroes and involving a trip across a certain river 3. Do you play RuneScape and whats your favourite skill? How long have you played for and whats your level? (Mrskull01, Tahuv, Pujolsrox11, Luke Sky276, Nguy4, Bart123111, Kite Drachen, Goldgeneral7, DarkmageB8, Mirlen86) I have and still do play RuneScape. I first started playing in December 2006, the month before the concept of the book came to me. Many people have asked for my RuneScape ID, but Im afraid I am going to have to disappoint you all with this request: I am keeping that one a secret. However, my level is higher than 70 but lower than 80. I dont have a favourite skill as such, as I try to train all of them to a similar level. 4. Was it difficult to fit in with the existing RuneScape backstory? What made you make the changes from game to story? (Gr33n Day34, Wahoo Nation, Stinkowing, Dr Valkyre, Alex520jedi, Marceno2, Daemon Dredd, Sinner Kenji, Rs Daddyoh) It was obviously important that the book was as faithful to the RuneScape game as possible, although a few changes had to be made in the translation to give the story a realistic feel. To further complicate matters, RuneScape is frequently updated, and this can have severe implications for a novel. To counter such changes, the novel was deliberately set five years before the present day, thereby removing any inconsistencies that might arise from future updates. The main differences from novel to game came about as a means of adding realism to the novel, especially where distances were concerned, and this, in turn, led to the introduction of horses to allow the heroes to travel from one location to another. 5. How did you become an author? What inspired you to write a book? Have you written any other books? (2monkeyboyz, Khagerak, Goldy176, Ericxiao2, Pujolsrox11, Sira890, Caeniix25, Smaug Hunter, Chris Dude70, 121592, Coder Tyler, Sinister638, Demon Paria) It was at university, in the time between lectures and exams, that I really started writing with a professional approach. I have written several books, although they are currently maturing on my laptop and tucked in musty folders on undusted shelves: I may very well go back to them in the future. The key inspiration for writing the RuneScape novel was to take an existing world and add my own interpretation, ultimately to develop a novel that would be well received by both fans and non-players alike. 6. Do you have any tips for aspiring writers? (Emanick1, Piefreak10, Cloud Ex8, Dr Valkyre, Neverknow1, Thelioness O, Lebraun7, Tichondrous6) This first thing I have to say is for you to read, and, when you do so, always have a dictionary to hand in order to improve your vocabulary. Read as much as you can, but certainly read the classics. Then make rules and profiles for your book and your characters: Star Wars has done this in perhaps the most innovative way I can think in recent years with its use of The Force. This technique can explain away any coincidence or unlikely event in any of its stories. Rules and character profiles also help keep consistency spot on. The other thing I would say would be to set yourself writing tasks: when I was at university I used to set myself the goal of writing a story per week, with one chapter each day and only one day for preparation. To aid in setting the scene quickly, I would sometimes randomly pick a genre, a time period, and also style of writing with which to experiment. It proved to be a useful exercise as often I would write about things of which I knew very little or had very little interest in. It also led to a number of unfinished pieces, yet always it was a learning process which forced me to think and write in areas and with techniques I might not have usually used. If I were to repeat the exercise, however, I would curtail the time from a week to just a couple of days. 7. How did you come up with the characters? Are any of them based on real people? (Thorblade4, King Nythan) The characters were borne out of RuneScapes skills and back story. No single character was based on any one individual, although all of the main characters display traits that I think all people possess. To reflect the game in a suitable manner, I picked characters that would best represent core skills, such as combat and Magic, and then frequently dropped in secondary skills as and when the storyline allowed (such as Fishing, Firemaking, and Smithing). The upbringing of the characters also played a part in their skill sets and attributes, and such cultural differences make the novel more realistic. 8. Why was it set in Falador and how did you pick the items used in the book? (e.g. adamant rather than rune)? (Zoomer1128, Daemon Dredd, Mr. Hibbert 1, Tycoon12327) This is a good question and it raises an important point of just what it is the novels are setting out to do. The books are meant to introduce players to the world of RuneScape. Betrayal at Falador documents the first major adventures of the heroes in a predominantly free-to-play area (and is thus more accessible for non-members). In subsequent works, the characters will grow and develop their skills further, just as a player would have to do. It would have killed any mystery to arm Kara with the best weapons in her first appearance. Just as a new player starting to play RuneScape, Kara and her friends still have a lot to discover. 9. Who are your favourite authors? (Nguy4, Xanthist1) Amongst my favourite authors, I would have to include JRR Tolkien, for it was The Hobbit, read to me by my eldest brother when I was four, that caught my imagination and got me interested in reading. Since then, Charles [bleep]ens and Jane Austen would have to be near the top of my list. The formers Pickwick Papers is a masterpiece of comedy, and I stick firmly to my personal theory that much British comedy and literature today stems directly from Mr. Pickwicks adventures. And as for Jane Austen, she has a very wicked sense of humour. Finally, I would have to include Patrick OBrian for his Aubrey-Maturin series: his use of language and detail brings the Napoleonic War alive. 10. Why did you write a book on RuneScape? (Freedo30, Cash548, Deathzilla7, Stormhawk 7, Roi O Bannon) After playing the game for a relatively short time, I became convinced that a novel, written as an introduction to the world of RuneScape, would add immense value to the fans experience and enjoyment of the game as well as introduce new players. Certainly, from the feedback received, many would agree that the first two objectives have been achieved. 11. Was it fun for you to write? (Jakerock109, Crazcraz11) Absolutely if it wasnt I would not have done it! There were days when I would wake up and the first thing I would think of was the next scene to write. It was exciting, and it was also quite intense. When a major scene was unfolding then I would often find myself at my desk far beyond any decent hour, feeling as if Id run a mile: to see everything come together in the final moments was especially exciting. 12. What do you say to people ranting about the book? (Red Baren112, Demon Paria) I would be very surprised if the book had met with universal acclaim no book ever has and no book ever shall. That said, some people who have criticized the novel have done so on the belief that RuneScape should remain solely a game (and frequently havent read the book). I disagree. Adding a novel to the RuneScape portfolio adds more for fans to experience, and will hopefully get more people interested in reading. 13. How did you work out the distances for the book? (Golden Palm, Girly594, Lord Takoda) This is an interesting point that has generated a lot of discussion amongst readers. There is no single rule that I applied to formulate the distances. It was more a case of working out the distances based on the atmosphere of the game and the novel: for example, the Kinshra (Black Knights) had to be at least a few days away from Falador in order for the book to be realistic you cant have two enemies living only a minutes walk away from one another. As a true-life, historical precedent, Britain in the time of the Anglo-Saxon Heptarchy, or perhaps the city-states of early Rome and the Etruscans are useful guides: enemy nations and tribes exist very close to one another but still with enough distance to provide space enough for an honest adventurer to earn a not-so-honest living. 14. Do dreams inspire you? (Antarktika) I find I dream most when I am busy. After a day spent in plotting out a story, with many ideas rejected, modified, and sometimes manhandled into existing storylines, my mind is usually abuzz with the jigsaw of disparate elements that often work themselves out overnight, and sometimes the solution to an apparent deadlock or plot contradiction can come in the form of a dream. I do always keep a pen and pad of paper by my bedside for scribbling down hasty notes whenever an idea occurs however. 15. Do you think the book is a success? (Sam Parki, Lady Ninane, Ganon95) Very much so. The feedback from readers has been fantastic and, ultimately, that is the only measure of success that is important to an author, as it gives you the confidence to move forward and commit yourself to other work and develop your skill further.[/hide] So I never really read this book, but I did want to know the about author. :
  18. Wow I used to merchant on the Grand Exchange awhile ago, and I made a whole bunch of money. Now it's no secret anymroe and everyone does it, now it's too hard to make a good amount. The same goes for investing :|
  19. Nice review. I'm still level one summoning. I don't know why but I just don't train it :P
  20. I really like this idea, but I don't really want to be in class until 5pm. But the friday off would be well worth it. And if you didn't take the friday off, every other week you could have a four day weekend. It also saves on gas for the ones who have a long commute.
  21. The trade limit, and the trade limit was put into effect at the start of janurary 2008.
  22. [hide=] 10. Chump 9. Chumpette 8. Yours 7. Up On a serious note, I would rather they ban the word Epic. They use it way too often. Epic story, epic disaster, epic proportions, epic this, epic that. The list goes on. Widen up your vocab buddy. [/hide] Oops I didn't read the whole page, somebody already used my bender's words further up on the page so credit to them :lol:
  23. 6. Pimpmobile 5. Bite 4. My 3. Shiny 2. Daffodil 1. [wagon] =P~ But really I'd get rid of the word caylee. I know it's a sad story blah blah, but I'm sick of nancy grace.
  24. 1. What is your job? Assistant equipment manager for a CHL team, mainly volunteer, I'm only 15 2. Do you have any nicknames? I really don't like andy or drew 3. What famous celebrity/fictional character do you look like? Good question 4. What famous celebrity/fictional character do you want to most look like? I don't want to look like anyone else 5. What are you most proud of in life? 300+ volunteer hours 6. What do you regret most in life? Getting into runescape too much 7. Pancakes or waffles? Waffles 8. Favorite cookie flavor? Sugar cookies 9. What is the most expensive thing you have bought? ipod Touch 10. What is the most expensive thing you have broken? ipod nano 11. What is the funniest thing you've seen? Family guy and Futurama 12. What's your dream meal (appetizer, entree, and dessert)? 18" Chicken Parmasean Grinder 13. If you could go back in time, what year would you go to and why? 2005 and tell myself not to quit gymnastics 14. Pizza, yeeeeeeaaaaahhhh or naaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh?
  25. Runescape will never really end, but it will most likely be sold to another large company. Hopefully it's not like disney or anything :?
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