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  1. guys, what should i do if in the morning EVERYONE is selling something (ss for example), and in the afternoon and night, EVERYONE is buying?
  2. Moocky for once I agree with you. This guy has posted 5 threads, none of which have any real discussion value, and they're all pretty much complaining or whining. I move to ban him from creating threads. Do I hear a second? Hey, if you don't like my threads, then gtfo. I am sick of on my threads complaining about me. nect time I see you post on my threads I will report you to a mod.
  3. How can you get a skull scepter at lvl 16? it's impossible. i tried to quit for while but i cant. any ideas for me? and also, can someone give me some suggestions about what fun things to do on rs? the only thing i can think of is duelling... maybe pvp. and sorry about my threads... i wont create anymore. :shame: :idea:
  4. before when i logged in i was so happy. now when i log i am just like meh. rs feels like a job, not a [ ]job but a job where you work. and i cant off rs.does anyone feel this way? #-o
  5. yes it is 400k in the ge and heals 2 hp 2x faster.
  6. dude whats your attack level? like 99? bgs spec fails epic. i have 76 atk (i know its low) but i still fail around 9/10 of the time i spec with borrowed bgs.
  7. look, i am not like you people. i look at your sigs and you are all like cb +120 with like 100m cash.i am 91 cb and net of 10m. think about that. whats the purpose of the SS for you? ask your self that. Ask your self if it will pay for its self during its use. If yes> If no> end if well ss is the fastest strength experiance in the game per hour. and its free magic experiance. (the spec) thats why i like it.
  8. Is agrees toos muchs withs thiss posts thats Is ams lovings thiss posts sos bads. :pray:
  9. can someone get a pic of the set so far? id be happy to see it. thanks all.
  10. look, i am not like you people. i look at your sigs and you are all like cb +120 with like 100m cash.i am 91 cb and net of 10m. think about that.
  11. a couple months ago wasnt ss like 7m not 7.7? im not a jew btw
  12. hey what do you recomend for someone who has my qp and low mem stats?
  13. 3 years x 2m = i am 6 million years old. heart failure much?
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