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  1. I seriously doubt it. You could have like 20 urns in your inventory which would make banking time negligible. and what bank exactly would you be using for f2p the only bank close to willows is draynor and thats infested
  2. i happened to notice that while i was wcing willows near the crafting guild i was within minimal distance of clay and the resources required to make the pottery i made 10 pots and it took roughly under 3min could this be the fastest f2p wc xp (dropping logs w/ mousekeys of course) will contribute more data shortly if there is a faster way that would be greatly appreciated *edit data-at lvl 66 WC xp before urns was 41108 therefore 685xp/min urns give a 825xpea with 10 of em made in 3minutes you get 8250xp/3min 41k was approx the amount required to fill the urns therefore at lvl 66 using urns results in 25% mroe xp than w/out *will test against 85wc tomorrow
  3. according to the item database "The special attack will stop if you switch weapons." unless it keeps going in which technically it would be bug abuse since you guys would be trying to gain profit of this
  4. it snows in the troll mountains, that's technically weather, proving your original post wrong from the start
  5. addy plates can break even but u have to buy below mid (and its 100/4h so 600max per day)
  6. flesh crawlers are good just very little profit (if any once u subtract pots and food)
  7. thats not true many things hit through pray \ that i can train defense the same way i train attack by killing things of course if you don't like someone you can put em on an ignore list and they can't talk to you anymore that if u wanna fight someone chances are there [kitty]s and they wont go to the da with you (wait thats kinda like rl...) i can turn into cabbage by using a ring
  8. mind explaining why you thought u had a chance against pures with ur 65 def?
  9. are you crazy? ice giants would rip him apart at lvl 62 im lv 96 and they still hit pretty well...
  10. i just think its funny because the majority of the people who are saying f2p gtfo our forums grrr have like 10mil or less xp WITH members skill xp included...
  11. even with only 1 load/h thats still like 500k cash per hour
  12. you can wield lively cabbages (not draynor manor ones) also shows diff for black knights fortress quest where it says dont use one from draynor cabbage patch
  13. i heard from a guide u can get about 160k xp/h at 99 str and att dharoking in the ape atoll dungeon using a whip to finish off and a combat familiar
  14. buckets of sand and the pineapples i believe
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