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  1. how much exp an hour is granite?
  2. What's the best way to lvl mining? I have a dragon pickaxe and 73 mining.
  3. It would help what the dueling method is and what im mining. Please be more specific..
  4. Where is the best place to mine iron ore that's really close to the bank? What the best way to power lvl mining? (mines 72)
  5. I click on the link but when I click "show", nothing happens, I don't know why. Also, how much xp per chin? 1.1k? That quote isn't really making much sense to me :/. Also, how many chins do you use up an hour?
  6. is there a place on this website where it shows how much xp you get for chinning at certain levels? If not can someone tell me? Obviously different levels = different xp, I'm lvl 81 range and want to know xp from lvl 80 -99 and what not
  7. No clan would manuplate an item to lower the price. And i don't think that's even possible.
  8. No you got it wrong. After 12 months of the offence occuring, it expires. So that means it's gone. Like you didn't do it. And all my offences are over 12 months old. So I have a clean slate, Green zone. They said they will release the in-game update (players get their offences changed) when they reboot their server. My question is, have they rebooted their server yet? Because I'm still muted and I'm not sure if they have yet.
  9. Has the new offence system taken affect in-game yet? What i mean by that is have the people that have expired offences been unmuted/unbanned yet? Or has that still not happened. On the update article they said they would do that when they reboot the server.
  10. Yea I know I read it. They said that the changes in-game will take affect once they reboot their servers. What I'm asking is have they rebooted their servers yet to make all the bans/mutes that have expired, unmuted/unbanned?
  11. has all the mutes/bans been lifted in game that were supposed to be lifted? Or not yet. Because today when I got onto runescape I had to load like there was an update and looked like they rebooted the servers but idk. I'm still muted.
  12. So what's a good way to train my range up?
  13. =/ What do you recomend for training range then?
  14. Why wait until 85 range? I need 85 somehow, so why is red chins a bad way at 70?
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