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    Almost got into a fight with some guy at school since he was saying crap when I wasn't around. One of my friends had to drag me away from that guy so I wouldn't attack him. I really get annoyed when people don't have the guts to say anything to you in person.
  2. Between the Buried and Me - Alaska [album]
  3. They didn't change their style. They just progressed. They're still the same band with the same message and attitude. Also, I think that Appeal was poorly put together. They have released two songs on vinyl for Fat Wreckchords that are simply amazing, but they didn't feel fit onto Appeal. I meant progressed, right.
  4. The problem with Appeal To Reason is that most songs on that album sound the same and they don't grab your attention as much as their previous albums. I understand that bands have to change their style at some point, but they could have put in a lot more effort on ATR.
  5. I just pooped blood. Lmao here is a comment that sums that video up perfectly. "they just scarred this song forever, the drummer wasnt too bad i guess but the singer is out of breath from jumping round like a mexacan on fire, the guitarist is either a [developmentally delayed]? or hasnt learned it properly, no distortion and wrong strumming. i could go on bout every detail thts rong but i just cant watch this anymore..." Anyway that takes the cake for this thread. Agreed. Its like that band only heard 30 seconds of Smells Like Teen Spirit and somehow got some idea into their head that Nirvana never used distortion and that Kurt Cobain was a Mexican jumping bean.
  6. Umm... Just saw the trailer and I can't say I'm very excited about Zombieland.
  7. I love both of you Tool-Schism Tool - Hooker With a Penis Yep, Tool-time :P
  8. But that's what is so great about them. They manage to be hugely political, while still gathering a large fanbase of people from all spectrums. They've mastered the art of writing music with the message they want to deliver, while not shoving things down anyone's throat. Thats the thing about Rise Against, you don't have to support PETA to enjoy their music. Then again, they're not forcing everyone to become vegetarians.
  9. King Crimson - 21st Century Schizoid Man/Mirrors
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