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  1. It's one of the game you shouldn't play during the day and should save it for midnight. When you have a 2 litre bottle of coke a huge packet of doritos, something jumps out at you, you get a huge fright and the coke falls on he doritos, creating a sickly mixture of coke and doritos then YOU KNOW you're playing Condemned. It's a phenomenal game, especially when playing mele only.
  2. I find it funny when people call the Flood from Halo scary. I mean the god damn Fludd from Super Mario Sunshine was scarier than those stereotypical swine.
  3. Call of Duty, 4 and WaW sucked, aren't even close to any games Valve games.
  4. The reason why he used that voice in the movie is because unlike other superhero flicks, he would have been caught if he just used his normal voice. It's not like everyone didn't know who Bruce Wayne was. I kind of doubt he will though since this is more of based off of comic books, which aren't as realistic. Nah, just bad scripting/acting/directing.
  5. Custom Robo is a pretty decent game. I only played through the first campeign, but there is a second campeign that you can play through afterwards, and should take up a large chunk of time. Plus the multiplayer is epic, so that's an added bonus. Also, Animal Crossing is an endless game, I never played it on the GC myself, but it has garnered many good reviews. Finally, Pikmin 2 is a great game, and you can spend tons of time collecting all of the items in each of the levels. Thank you :D
  6. Does ayone else find it wierd that Harold from Fallout 2 is in 3?
  7. My favorites would have to be Final Fantasy 6 and 8. The best storys and best gameplay. I hated VII.
  8. I've never found the Repeater, can you tell me where it is please? http://fallout.wikia.com/wiki/Lincoln%27s_Repeater Thank you very much :)
  9. Yes, GTA IV has been released on PC I think. I'm looking for a GameCube game that's addictive and endless(Optional) (Harvest Moon for example) My GameCube has became very unused and all I play is Resident Evil games on it.
  10. I've never found the Repeater, can you tell me where it is please?
  11. It won't really be Rage without Tom Morello, he's the best guitarist ever in my opinion. Audioslave is the worst thing to happen to him. I'll buy it but I'd put money on it not being another Bulls On Parade or Killing In The Name Of.
  12. Meaning no offense to Dark Knight fans, if it's anything like The Dark Knight OR if Batman uses that really deep threatening voice I'm not buying it. Apart from that it looks pretty sweet.
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