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  1. Can't find the first Holocron on Cloud City. Please Help!
  2. Also: If you get attacked by a random in the future with your sound off, there's a handy interface thing in the top right. If your HP appears to be going down, you're getting attacked by something. :thumbsup: Or, you could actually see the random come up to you, and you would see that you were being attacked, and you would start to run away. If you are mentally [developmentally delayed]ed, maybe you could turn sound on or look in the top right, but if you are mentally [developmentally delayed]ed, dont play runescape.
  3. Getting 83 hunter... my worst decision is my friends, he found a santa hat on ground and sold for 5k(it was in his first hour of play)
  4. 10 dollars is WAY too much. I cant even pay 5
  5. him:HIYA. me:im a dinosaur him:i guess high lvls get to be dinosaurs, is that why you have that dino hood on(New halloween thing) me:yep WHAT AN IDIOT :wall: :wall: :wall: :wall: :wall: :wall: :wall: :wall: :wall:
  6. I used genie lamps on f2p to get to lvl 4 hunter, when I wasnt member :-$ :-#
  7. "No R-tard it's an MMORPG right now I'm talking to people all around the world in this headset" *hopes you get the reference* Woohoo! Remember kids, make love, not warcraft.
  8. I alch in the monkeys cage in ardy zoo, and ppl call me a hacker for getting in the monkey cage(Change to monkey, talk to monkey minder, then become human)
  9. I like the ideas, dunno if the moving trees and rocks would work
  10. I made this account(stopspe), when I started, and got it to level 44, when I got bored. I made a new account(butboy19), and got it all the way to level 91(I had no life :oops: ), and then I got bored, I went back to Stopspe and now I am level 75, and it's my main. Since Halo 3 came out, I have played less, and it is not worth paying 5 bucks a month when I get on twice a week for a half hour. So I am non-member, and I do play a couple times a week.
  11. I had heard of this theory before, and I have believed it, but its cool to see its not psuedoscience
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