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  1. so I have been training in the SOS at the spiders and have been wondering if it is more worth it to have pray on and have to take the extra trip to the monastery of just keep it off if on what prayer should I use thanks
  2. thanks but is there any other ways out there for varity
  3. I need help with making money my stats are in my sig and I have around 2mil right now right now I am just wc yews is there any better ways to make money
  4. wait are we includung past mems as mems or as f2pers
  5. you could try ice giants south of port sarim
  6. gratz i'll be joining you at the 1k mark soon
  7. in the f2p section about the maximum number of soundtracks its more than 123 not sure about max but I have 137
  8. I also see 100+ at cockroach soldiers
  9. yes this is what5 they were talking about all your timers were slightly different
  10. About money you are off with finshing iget normally around 30-40k but preety oiften get up to 70k
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