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  1. This is awesome, been using it for a while now for the games and its helping out. A few suggestions: 1. Can you add the name of each hook and the number of weights at the top, when I switch screens quickly, its takes a while to find what I am looking after getting the combo 2. Can you list the fish in the order they appear in the ratings page ingame, would make it easier to select the different locations before the start of the game order -> herring , cod, bass , trout, pike, salmon
  2. http://www.reddit.com/r/runescape/comments/390i28/ninja_requestbonecrusher_in_slayer_belt_to_act/
  3. For celtic knots I use this -> http://runeapps.org/ttsolver_app For scan clues I use this and follow a path -> http://runescape.wikia.com/wiki/Treasure_Trails/Guide/Scans I use 2 presets 1. loads thieving gear and crystals teleport to find clues 2. loads gear, tele runes, jewelry to finish the clue Having a bookmark to all the different guides and loading it to a new window also really helps speed things up
  4. Troll splits like Dragon Dagger, GS shards are not made into shards. Not sure about the untradeables
  5. You made the wrong portent, the elite task requires you to make the portent of restoration(Heals at half health)
  6. Logged in to this- switched camera style to go back to normal
  7. drygore mace with 99 att and overload: 4210 accuracy, 980 damage
  8. Where does Drygore fit into all this? How much better is it using Drygore vs the correct style
  9. More statues increases the % 1 Statue = 4% 2 Statues = 7& 3 Statues = 9% 4 Statues = 10% and Jade Totems now increase chance of getting a trade good mission
  10. Found this on rsof - crew for maximizing trade goods QFC: 98-99-342-64231656 http://services.rune...99,342,64231656
  11. Order to buy: Rudder 3 of each crew Combat Hull Deck Items
  12. Finished one of the triple adventurer mission and got 71 of lacquer and plates. Made these: Tetsu Helm, Death Lotus plate, Tetsu legs
  13. I managed to instant sell mine at 151mill just 2 days ago
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