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  1. Go world1 and its north of west bank. You will see "60x2" etc. You basically join their cc, give them your bet and they roll 1-100. If you get 60 or above, your money is doubled. Of course, its 99% scammers, but there are a few legit regulars that can be spotted easily. The odds are against you in the long run.
  2. I seem to be addicted to the dice game :ohnoes: I've have 10mil starting from 17mil two days ago. I just use Martingale system and I just cant stop. Yesterday, I had a reality check when I lost 200k, 400k, 800k,...6400k in a row. I was down to my last 13mil. I went to awq and bet the house. And won. Everytime I log on, I have a urge to go to w1. And those hosts keep pming me all the time to come play. It's funny because in real life, I have never bet even a single $, nor do I plan to.
  3. The other day I played dice wars. 50:50 payoff, lower scam risk. Me and the other guy roll 1-100 and the higher number wins. We announce the bet beforehand. If I win, I trade him the notional amount. If he wins, he trades me the notional amount. If tie, no money exchanges hands. In the long run, you should be even, but thats unless you get wiped out. Its like boxing, but doesnt require max stats.
  4. prayer urns are not worth it. mass killing hill giants or boneyarding is much faster
  5. Completely fail for us. Range has to hit over 205 in f2p to give even 1 soak which is impossible so FAIL. Mage has to hit over 210 to get 1 soak FAIL. And even if blastbox stacks to give ~250 damage, that is 5 soak. Only melee hits well over 200 and if you take g2h's ~375, that soaks 15.75. F'ed in the A.
  6. When facing magers wearing metal armour, I usually commit suicide by running into one of the houses when I reach 1K charges. I did that once....boy did I get duped! That guy was an expert at running and using the houses.
  7. yes, zhong, i think of it like the traveling salesman problem lol. its fun being efficient :P I think that the coal bag is absolutely amazing for superheating now.
  8. the coal bag can now be filled while in bank. woot!!
  9. I assume lobs would be best gp/hour. Though there are much better moneymakers
  10. Quick question: With toony, someone said that effigies were a threat to him so he didnt wait to get rank 1. Seeing that the #2 guy is at 150M, how quickly can someone get 50M xp off of effigies?
  11. What's the status of the guy who said he was going to beat zarfot in dung?
  12. Nope :( but I really hope I'm able to find a method to pay for it. But for now I'm going to stick with my f2p buddies ^^ Why can't you pay for it?
  13. Pretty sure he did rune 2hs not addy plates. Also remember,there used to be a time when addy bars were 2k each, and for a year or so after jagex increased the high alch price of addy plates, it was literally free smithing xp after lvl 88. I remember distinctly trying to get 88 smith back then, only to realize that by the time I got there, addy bars were 3k. :wall:
  14. ya, quite a few. Water, Pietha, Expert1212, El Popo1, Varro182, S Diamant Y
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